Friday, July 09, 2010

We're Moving... Virtually, this time :o)

We're moving! I've wanted to have my blog as a page on my website for a LONG TIME now... and finally it's come to fruition. This will be my last Blogspot/Blogger post, but don't leave me! lol. I'm now at this address:

Please change your bookmarks/reader address and follow me at my new virtual digs- I have new pics of the pups and gardens up, and will be posting photos from our recent camping trip to the mountains. The art studio is almost up and running, and I'm sketching out a new linocut. Lots of exciting stuff... don't miss it! :o)

See you soon!
-Jen (and Cliff & Jack too, of course)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our New Home!

I had a dream the other night about my first blog post after moving into the new house. It was a slow-motion video of me and the dogs running through the backyard, to the music of Barry Manilow, "Looks like we made it." DON'T WORRY, I'm corny but not THAT corny. I have no idea where that dream came from, so weird lol.

Anyway, without further ado... some pics from our new place! These were from Day 2, so nothing was unpacked yet... and while I'm 80% unpacked at this point, the place still looks like a disaster. :oP I hope I never move again... ugh.. so stressful!

We'll start with the bedroom. It's rather boring. It DOES have a walk-in closet and attached laundry room, though. I already re-arranged the furniture. Think I'm going to repaint the walls purple. Furniture is mish-mash at this point.

This is the living room, or what the previous owner called "The Adirondack Room." It does have a distinct AKD feel, with the laid wooden walls, ceiling and ceiling fan. I'm kind of baffled about how I'll lay this room needs help of some sort!

This is the main room, a living/dining combo (or "Great Room" as they call it)... it is going to be my art studio. Aren't the windows fab?? The red wall to the back left is the brick chimney. The door goes into the bedroom. There is a hallway off the left that goes to the front door and bathroom.

Studio from the other direction, looking towards the Adirondack room. The little kitchen is off to the right (you can see a bit of the cabinets there)...

Another view of the studio from the loft (yay! I have a loft!). It's billed as a second bedroom, but I'm going to use it for my paper storage, drying racks etc.

A view of the backyard from the northwest corner...

The boys exploring the backyard on Day 2- 1/2 acre surrounded by privacy fencing! They LOVE the house. Jack magically bumped back to his old self... no more cowering, no more refusing to come inside (although he's still paranoid about flies lol). I don't know what it was about the boondocks house we stayed at... maybe because it was empty and echoe-y? Made him nervous?  I'm SO glad he's comfy again. Cliff, of course, is always happy! :o) No worries about that boy.

Cliff exploring the flower gardens on the west side of the house. I'm not sure what is weed and what's flower at this point... I'll probably wait through the summer and see what blooms before I start yanking things out...

This is a little fenced-off garden paddock off the back of the house... really cute...

Another photo of the boys in the backyard, with the garden paddock to the right. That's O-Hill in the background.

Closing off with a house sparrow... we have several that have been visiting our feeder. Cute fellas!

We are still in a state of chaos, but at least semi-settled. The new fridge arrived, sattelite TV installed (I've always had cable so it's taking an adjustment - and this DVR thing? I don't get it!)--I found a great, affordable contractor who installed the dog door; our internet and phone are turning on next week (I'm posting this remotely, NO fun!).

Living on a busy main road, and on the "south tail of the 'hood", has been... different. I'm absolutely paranoid about the dogs getting out, and hit by a car. I've installed latches and paddlocks on the yard gates (all by myself, so proud lol); I wanted to install springs on the doors too, so they snap shut whenever you let them go, but couldn't figure it out (any tips?). A babygate has been installed in front of the front door, so there is no chance of bolting. I'm very watchful on our walks for loose pits but so far have only been charged by a loose chihuahua (thankfully Jack didn't eat it). We've met a lot of friendly people who are fascinated with the boys- and living in a diverse neighborhood again is fantastic. It reminds me of my time living in Queens. So far we are having a great time... will post more photos soon!