Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We Survived...

...We survived our temporary move to the boonies. Barely, LOL. Jack had a very difficult time the first 48 hours, but made it. And Cliff seems to have strained himself a bit with getting in/out of the car the few times- he's been extra-gimpy. He's getting TLC.

I received my Olympus SP-800UZ digital camera in the mail, but am returning it.  The panoramic zoom is fantastic and color really good, but the lag time between clicks is horrible, even on the continuous-shoot action mode. The boys were romping around the yard but all I got was one photo (because the screen blacks out for several seconds between shooting, the shows you the photo for a couple seconds, and by the time you can take a picture again... the action is over).  I guess this is the type of camera to get for still-life and landscape shots... not running greyhounds and birding! On another note, I was also suprised that I missed the Viewfinder hole... you had to find your subject and focus on it solely using the LCD screen. That's great, but when I zoomed in on a young finch in the sycamore, took a photo (and it blacked out, then showed me the picture, then went back to ready-to-shoot mode)... by then, my hands had shook a bit and I couldn't find the bird on the LCD screen... so I had to back out of the zoom, find it in the branches, and zoom in again. I always despised the viewfinder hole because it left smudges on my glasses when I pressed up against it... but maybe they aren't such bad things after all?

I exchanged it  for a Kodak EasyShare Z981. I really hope it gives me what I want! I suppose I couldn't return this since I already returned something, right? They would probably think I was scamming them or something. I'm not sure about Kodak quality or reputation when it comes to DIGITAL cameras, so I hope it's okay. I've always had Canons myself but the best point-and-shoot Canon had only 20x zoom (which is still equivalent to a manual 560 mm telephoto, so nothing to disparage, but why get 20x when I could get 26x or 30x?)?

Last night I set up my temporary art studio in the empty dining room. I have a folding table for my carving and sketching, and then my printing table to hold my bottlejack press and inking plate. I've done some life sketching of the boys (drawing them from life, not photos) which has been FUN... I haven't done that in about a year. Jack's oddly-shaped roman nose is hard to get- but I've mastered Cliff. :)

Next to our temporary housing is a hobby-farm. They have a young Komondor, which is interesting because they are SUCH rare and unusual dogs. I've never been a huge fan of mops, but she is so striking (even without dreadlocks yet), I can't help but stare at her. The first time she charged us while we were walking, I yelled at her to back-off and shook my poop bag at her. The second time she saw us coming down the street, she turned tail and ran like hell towards the back of the farm, LOL. They are supposed to be pretty fearless livestock guardians, so I'm surprised she was so upset to see us (unless she telepathically knew that I was training for my Tae Kwon Do yellow belt?? LOL). Speaking of which, is SO MUCH FUN. I mean... it's a workout... but it's a fun workout, much more satisfying that sitting on a stationary bike or treadmill.

Well, this post has bored me to tears, I can't imagine how anyone else feels. Hopefully next time I'll have some photos, which I can put on a CD at home, then bring to work and post on my blog during lunch hour.