Friday, June 18, 2010

And the Beat Goes On...

Quick lunchtime blog post:

  1. The Kodak Easyshare Z981 Camera: It arrived. I tried. I disliked. I mean, the color and zoom are great, but SUCKS with action shots. I boxed it up, sent it back, and ordered a Canon SX20. God Help Me, this camera better be awesome because buying a satisfactory camera has turned out to be more stressful than buying a house.
  2. Gorilla-brand Duct Tape:  It may advertise that it's better than regular duct tape and has better stickyness, but it's not. I know it's not an advertised "use", but it won't stick to the bottom of Cliff's paws. To cover/smother his corn. Shouldn't duct tape be usesful for EVERYTHING? It's so disappointing when it's not.
  3. Jack: Poor Jack. He's having a horrible time adjusting to the new temporary house. He's become a totally different dog than a month ago- he's scared to come inside, refuses to come near me, shies away from me, phobic of flies (!!), very uneasy in the new surroundings, won't settle, lays at the door constantly, waiting to "go home". Our home we don't have anymore. I feel so badly for him.  It's difficult to even think about this. Ugh.
  4. GroundHog: The one good thing that happened to Jack since we moved to the country: He almost nailed a groundhog last night. I would have felt bad but it was so nice seeing him happy and excited again!
  5. Getting Old: It's SO depressing to hear "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi and "Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith on the Oldie's channel. I mean, seriously?  :oP
  6. Art: Experimenting with monotypes. Have a new linocut that I really liked, but kind of muffed up at the end- need to try to fix it this weekend between tending to the boys and my 15th high school reunion tomorrow, talk about oldies, holy crap-!
  7. OUR NEW HOUSE! We have a closing date! Friday the 25th! I'm sooooo happy. But now I'm kind of nervous because --what if Jack hates the new place like he hates our interim housing?? What do I do? We can't move back to our old place, it's done and gone. Closed on. Sold.


Hiking Hounds said...

Hi, Have you tried using the Dog Appeasing Pheremones (DAP) diffusers or collars? I used them when I moved a few months ago it really helped. I used them for about 2 months. The cheapest I found were at Entirely Pets online, but they are at lots of places.

Also, duct tape should definitely stick to the paws. One time some got on Astro's paw and I just let him get it off because it was so sticky I didn't want to hurt his pad pulling it off. :-)

gryphonkessira said...

Part of why he may be nervous is you aren't really "living" there. All your stuff is in storage, and the familiar items and routines are all gone. Once you get to your new home, have everything set up, and settle back into a routine, I'm sure he'llbe better. Did he have issues like this when he first came to live with you?

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