Saturday, May 01, 2010

Etsy Update!

I've been long overdue to update my Etsy store, but I finally did it. Check it out here!

It's been crazy busy recently, so I haven't gotten to as much artwork as I've liked. I've also postpone a few of my daily after-work doggie walks with Cliff and Jack, which upset the pups a bit. They are so used to routine! But I couldn't help it. I have to say, selling you house- searching for a new one- buying a new one- yeah, it sounds fun. And on some level it is... but other levels it isn't, LOL.

I found a great house for us in the Lincoln Hill neighborhood of Syracuse- close to work, a few houses away from the park, charming 1890 bungalow- and scrambled to put together an offer (another person was supposedly also scrambling on the house). It was accepted, hooray! Did all the paperwork, hooray! Began dreaming about what furniture would go where, hooray! Had the home inspection... and it BOMBED. I mean... asbestos in the basement, illegally installed furnace with no lining/fluting, lead pipes bringing drinking water in the house, the roof was less than a year from needing full replacement, and the kicker... one 10-foot section of foundation along the house had been REMOVED and replaced with a sheet of flipping PLYWOOD. Yeah, that was the only thing holding up that section of the house. How did I miss that on my 2 visits, before putting in the purchase offer?? Anyway, the house was obviously sinking dramatically in that area, and the other side of the house had foundation that needed re-pointing and re-sealing. Wah-wah-wah.

Needless to say, we (well, I) backed out of the offer. I mean... I'm willing to deal with a few issues when I buy a house, but not huge ones like foundations and roofs! Oye vey.

Then the scrambling began. I mean... I'm closing on the sale of my (current) house on/about June 5, thereabouts. I NEED A PLACE TO LIVE! And it's been so hard finding anything affordable on my salary in a safe neighborhood, you know? But I'm really lucky... I happened to come across a beautiful, artsy, REALLY fabulous 1-floor house (with a loft!!) and HALF ACRE backyard, already privacy-fenced and beautifully gardened, right on the edge of the city this week. Put in a purchase offer. The seller then had an emotional breakdown and decided she WASN'T going to sell the house. There was a day where my realtor and this woman's realtor were playing counselor as the woman cried about her house on the phone with them and I sat with pychotic butterflies in my stomach, wondering if she'd sell me the house. The woman inevitably decided to go forward with the sale, but only if I put in a full-price offer so she could pay her bills. I agreed, because the house is UNBELIEVABLE and I wanted it sooo badly. Dad did an inspection and gave it his blessing, but we have a "real" inspector coming Tuesday (Bridget, that's at noon if you want to come?). We even got all the paperwork signed before the 5 pm Tax Credit deadline, so I'm getting a rebate (hooray!).

The house is amazing... windows that go from ceiling to almost-floor, built-in bookshelves all over, a little fireplace, a "Florida" room... SO much light...really awesome. The backyard is to die for. The only downside to the house is that it doesn't have a basement, only has one bedroom (which doesn't matter to me, but I'm sure would turn off a lot of buyers), and is on a main street. But that's okay. The rest makes up for it.

I can't believe it, but it was in the 80's today... insane! This morning was the first GWC walk in quite awhile, newly under the reins of Glen and Kelly S. It was at Onondaga Lake Park, and quite a few folks showed up with their Greyhounds (we also had a Frenchie and doxie mix join in). Even at 10 am, it was sooo humid and oppressive, though. Jackie had a blast but the heat really wiped him out and he slept soundly all afternoon, woot! Make that a double-woot.

So...  back to the House. When you're buying and selling, every time the phone rings, your heart jumps in your throat and you feel like spontaneously vomiting all over yourself (at least, that's my experience). Last weekend the phone rang while I was napping and I quickly tried roused myself from deep sleep. After two rings I was sufficiently awake and took off at a dead run through the house, trying to find the phone. I was booking full speed because I was afraid it would be my real estate lady (which it was) and I'd miss something important (which I didn't). While sprinting through the art studio around the corner into the kitchen, I slipped on the floor and fell in a horrendous, horrific BAM. Yeah, did you hear some sort of thunderclap last Saturday, around 2 pm? That was me falling. I twisted my ankle pretty badly and lay there moaning loudly for a few seconds. Then, gathering myself, I clambered to my one good foot and booked to get the phone. Looking back... dang, I fell... the house shook... I lay there wailing in agony... and neither of my dogs even got up from their beds to see what happened! WTH? So much for women's best friend, maybe I SHOULD have gone with diamonds instead lol.



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