Thursday, May 27, 2010

Art Update

Just a quick update during my lunch break.

North Viele Pasture, one of my woodcuts, made it into "A Celebration of Block Prints" Etsy Treasury.  Yeah, thank you Milatropolis!

Three of my linocuts (White-Breasted Nuthatch, Stripes, and 'Watch'Dog) were all accepted into a staff and faculty art show here at the University where I work.  To cap it off, White-Breasted Nuthatch was chosen to be shown at the Everson Museum of Art this fall. A real museum- holy cow! So excited I could pee my pants-!!!

No other news. I'm pretty much done with packing all non-essential stuff in my house. Two more weeks One more week before we move to interim housing in the Boondocks. My cameras are still in NYC being evaluated. My art supplies are all boxed up. My books are all sequestered away in storage. Ick!! It feels really crappy being in an "in-between" transitional stage, but I started a Tae Kwon Do class which is great at relieving the stress and frustration of it all. And the boys, Cliff and Jack, have been great. Jack DID break into one of my moving boxes, pulled out all of my large tabletop candles (I have them for cases when the electricity goes down) and eat them. All of them. Sigh. They were scented, so he probably thought they were food.... I guess?? Ugh. Oh well. Other than that "mishap", packing has been seamless.

I have some great plans for June, while living TV-less and internet-less in an empty house in the Boondocks: work on some linocuts. Experiment with Monotypes (Monoprints). Work on the sketchbook. There will be no distractions other than my two pups and some rednecks living next door. Woot, woot!

That's it for now, I guess. Happy Thursday to everyone-