Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jack Turns 3

Jack turned 3 last week! I'm a day late and dollar short in posting, but here we go:

Beef knuckles for all! Cliff snubbed his, so Jack got both... and boy, did that make him a happy camper...

There was also some birthday fetching games- boy, is my pup a Ball-Crazy boy! Here he goes with an old ball that emerged from the melted snow, but he got a new ball-on-a-rope thingee, which he also enjoyed. He also got a frisbee emblazoned with the logo of the new university I work at, but he punctured and snapped it on the first fetch. Oh well, I guess it was made for human hands and not carnivorous dog fangs... lol.

... Some birthday running with Cliff (or rather, around Cliff)...

For his Birthday Hike, we went to the Esker Brook trail system which is on the western edge of the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. We parked at the South Spring Pool and hiked in, which made it a round trip of about 3 miles. Because of this, I left Cliff at home with a peanut butter stuffed bone (the next day, on Sunday, I decided to try Cliff for a mile-ish hike with Jack on the flat Erie Canal trail, and later in the evening he was sooo stiff he could barely walk. Poor Cliffie! Glad I didn't try him at Esker, it would have been WAY too much).

It was a beautiful hike. The highlight was seeing a bluebird AND the first turtles of the season... I guess they are un-burying themselves from winter hibernation. They were straddling logs and rocks in the ponds, soaking up the rays. They were pretty skittish- I couldn't even approach the shore to take a picture before they slid into the water and disappeared.

The funniest (and most amusing) part of the hike was along the ponds, where hundreds of little frogs were singing their amorous calls to each other. As we walked along the trail, they literally sprang from the pond's edge into the water by the dozens! Jack was stunned by it. I mean, they were just ALL over the place, rocketting away as soon as we came close. A few times, Jack jumped into the muddy water just to see if he could find them (did he know they were little animals? Or did he think they were tiny tennis balls launching themselves from the earth? Who knows) but he couldn't get remotely close to them. Nor could he find them in the muddy, brackish water. I wish I could have gotten some pictures... they were small and dark (black?) and seemed to have some bright green parts? Are those peeper frogs?

Happy Birthday to the little imp!! I'm so happy that Lucy approved of him back in the fall, and we decided on adoption. He has been a fantastic addition to our family.



jcp said...

Happy BDay Jack!
I see you are using a harness with a long leash. Did it take a while to train Jack on that? I'm worried that my boy will hit the end of the leash at full speed. I thought about using a bungee contraption like the ones used in bikejoring. Any tips?

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