Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Photos from the Week...


Working on my "Valentines Day" challenge over at WetCanvas.  I really wasn't 'feeling' the last sketch (with Jack and Lucy on the couch) so I switched to all 3 dogs laying together- I had worked on their sketches in November but never went anywhere with them. This sketch isn't as 'sweet' and 'cute' and 'cuddly' an image, and frankly not very Valentine-y at all. Maybe if I carve some hearts all over the dogs' collars? lol.


Sunset the other evening-looking down the street from my house on the hill.  If you look really REALLY closely, you might be able to see the chew-holes in the eaves of all the houses, from the Psycho Squirrels we have in our neighborhood. The other day I went out to the car and saw a squirrel hanging off the corner beam of my carport. It had a sneaky gleam in its eye. So I went over, right? Half the fracking beam was gone along the backside! Chewed away! He was eating my carport-! And I noticed that the top "spikes" of my stockade fence have been chewed down to nubs, too, in one section in the backyard-! Insanity Junction around here.

And my three sighthounds doing nothing about Our Grand Squirrel Situation?


Pups in the yard this weekend. Snowy and cold- we did get a couple walks in, though.  After a few months with Jack, we're finally settling into a walk schedule (at least for winter). Jack and Cliff go for a longer, faster walk first, then we swing by and pick up Lucy for a short, slow amble around the block. Actually, "amble" might be too much for what we do. She is REALLY slow. :o) But at 13 she is allowed to go as slow as she darn well pleases. :o) I'm just happy to keep her up and limber.


I'm finishing up a re-read of The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan. I've read all her books now (I think) but not Joy Luck since my freshman year of college, when it was one of our assigned readings for a first-year class we called 'Core.' My parents recently moved and so I had to get all my old books (from youth, high school, college) out of their attic- total craziness. I had 5 huge boxes up there! Joy Luck was one of them. It has been an absolutely delish re-read. Next on the docket is The White Rose: Munich 1942-1943 which was also for one of my college classes- it's about an anti-Fascist resistance movement that started at the University of Munich during WW2.*

...and chug, chug, chug. Winter continues to putter along....


*Lest you think re-reading college books are pretentious and/or overly academic, I must add that before Joy Lucy I reread The Dirt: The Official Biography of Motley Crue for, like, the 20th time, and thoroughly enjoyed every darn page of it. ;o)

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Katherine said...

Print looks elegant, complex, fine. And I, too, like it much more than the other. Captures grey grace.