Friday, February 05, 2010

In Memoriam

My website is currently dead. This weekend I'm going to (hopefully) set everything up with a new look, new art, etc etc. using Wordpress as my CMS (which, I learned recently, means "Content Management System" and is apparently a fancy word for "website" nowadays). I was using Netobjects Fusion which I like, but I want to combine everything on one page- site and blog. It just seems easier and more cohesive.

Yesterday during lunch break I tried to freshen up the look of some of my other pages (this blog, my Twitter page, and Etsy store) and the whole shabang died. All I wanted to do was try out some new wallpaper and put up a new banner- and WHAM- things folded. I lost a lot of stuff. :o( Thankfully I was able to recover it all, I think (except a few pics? sniff). Could I have been hit by a virus or spider somehow? Does anyone know how that stuff works?

Anyway, stay tuned. By Sunday I hope to unfold my new online digs.

Right now I'm on my way to the city to do some errands but I am NOT ALLOWED to stop at the art store. I have enough linoleum, I need to get a grip! lol.


P.S.- Clifford is doing great, although we almost had a catastrophe last night. The dogs were amped (I had just gotten home from work which is HUGE EXCITEMENT for them) and were racing through the yard. Cliff was feeling great apparently- going full tilt- and even Lucy ran a bit. Anyway, the boys collided while running. Seriously, if I had eaten lunch yesterday I would have lost it- it was very frightening. I have heard of greyhounds who have actually died running into things (from their sheer bulk and speed). I know one local lady whose greyhound ran into the fence after a squirrel, and her chest caved and blew both of her lungs out (the dog died at the E-vet). Good Lord.

Jack bounded up unhurt, but I had to help Cliff. And Cliff was ANGRY. Once up, he attempted to go at Jack like a monkey on a hambone. Since I still had my hands on him, though, I spun him around and away so no one was bit. It's kind of interesting how -offended- Cliff gets when Jack bumps or hits him. When Lucy bumps him or gets in his way, he doesn't care at all. If Jack does, then the growls and mean looks start. I wonder if it's because Jack is another male? Because he is younger and stronger? Because Jack is pushier than Lucy? Because Cliff senses Lucy is a loose canon and is secretly afraid of her? Because Jack competes more for my attention, where Lucy could care less if I lived or died (lol)? I would love to know how his mind worked.


Maria Peters said...

No more posts titled "Memorium". I almost popped one sucking in air! Glad all your pups are doing well. My boy, Canoe, doesn't tolerate other boys...getting better as he ages..but will tolerate much more from a female. Love "monkey on a hambone"! LOL.


Jen said...

LOL! Don't worry, if (well, 'when' I guess) the time comes, THAT post will probably be titled, "OMG MY LIFE IS OVER!" or something suitably frantic. ;o)


In loving memory of Caesar D. (April 1995-Jan. 6, 2009) said...

On March 9, 2008, my friend's five dogs were playing in her backyard. Their 90-lb. lab made a mad dash for a squirrel and blew into their 40-lb. lab mix and paralyzed him. They rushed him to ER, and since the prognosis was very poor and their dog was suffering, they euthanized him. Very traumatic to say the least...and so unfair.