Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentines Sketch...

... I signed up to do a Valentines Day Challenge on Did I mention that before? Anyway, the models for this linocut are Jack (the cuddler) and Lucy (the cuddlee). Now this is a rare occurance, but it HAS happened before. Lucy *is* the epitome of 'bitch', but she does have her better moments.


See, I didn't concoct this image- it really did happen! And Jack came out of it without any bites, torn skin, or missing eyes.  Lucy allowed him to get up next to her, and allowed him to cuddle up against her back- a Festivus Miracle, guys.  Jack was just a foster at that point (new to the house, too)... and... wow. It totally blew my mind. Lucy isn't the kind of dog to allow that.

So the drawing. I use photographs for reference (obviously), but there are some things I'm changing here.  I'm giving Jack's front leg a little more "life", and also fleshing out Lucy's neck and face better. The camera distorted her back inside leg, so I fixed that in my sketch as well. I'm going to tinker with the background a bit- it'll still be a couch, but different color/texture/pattern for better contrast. My main challenge is going to be making this look like Jack is cuddling, not humping. You know what I mean?? I'm kind of paranoid that this will turn out into some kinky greyhound picture which it is NOT supposed to be-!!

I'm hoping to finish the sketch during lunch break today, and then begin working on my linocut tonight. If I can get this wrapped up by Sunday, then I will have completed 3 linocuts this month! My 2010 Goal is to do two per month, so I will definitely be ahead!! Exciting...



Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!
oh i love your sketch!
i cannot wait to see the carving. you are so talented!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Looking forward to seeing the end result!

jcp said...

Very nice work.
It is great when 2 passions can come together.