Sunday, January 17, 2010

Goal-Setting and All That Jazz

Last year I attended an amazing lecture by renowned African-American photographer Carrie Mae Weems (if she's ever in your area, I highly suggest seeing her speak! Wow!).  Her talk was so, so SO energizing, I found myself digging in my purse, pulling out my grocery list and trying to scribble down notes in the darkened auditorium as she discussed art, being an artist, life and creativity. She talked about finding your passion, your voice, and having "a Project." She talked about having a real responsibility to ourselves to construct our own images, and an obligation show them to the public world. She asked us to answer the question of, 'What are you committed to?'" and use the answers to fill our lives with mission. Everything she said was so simple, yet so complex. The whole audience seemed to hang on every word out of her mouth.

It's January, and I'm trying to set my goals for the year. I don't call them 'resolutions' anymore but consider them real, working goals. I find that if I DON'T write the things down I want to accomplish, then life seems to... kind of float by? And all of a sudden I'm like, "Whoa! Another week has gone by, and what the heck did I do that was productive??" Crazy.

After I heard Carrie Mae Weems speak, I decided to formulate my artistic goals. And I DID, in my head, but I'm going to write (er, type) them down this time:

2010 Art Goals:

1. Finish 2 pieces of art per month!!

2. PROJECT: Continue working on my portfolio of Greyhound Art.

3. PROJECT: Begin working on documenting the Wildlife of Upstate New York in linocuts.

4. PROJECT: Continue working on documenting the Landcapes of Upstate New York in linocuts.

5. My website: Combine that and my blog onto one site. I hate having them in separate places! Why am I paying for a domain name again-?? I just renewed my hosting plan and am going to start the process realllllly soon-!

I have personal goals too (lose that extra 10 lbs., eat healthier, get Jack certified in animal-assisted therapy, keep Lucy and Cliff healthy and limber on their NSAIDs, yadda yadda) but that's another story and another project, lol. :o)

Anyone else have art/create/crafty goals for the year?



bbes tribe said...

Way to go!! Wishing you the best with your projects. Having something to aim for is good.
Ernie, Sasha, & Chica

gryphonkessira said...

I'd LOVE to finish a piece a week, but my certification test is in 6 weeks so all my spare time (what little I have) is going towards studying.