Sunday, January 03, 2010

First Big Storm!

We're in the middle of our first big snow storm of the season. It started last night- whipping, frigid winds, horrid drifting, the snow coming down in bucket-fulls. And it's still coming down! If it was a bit warmer, it would be wonderful to ski in but it's only 11 degrees (that's without the wind chill). It's so cold that the inside of your nose freezes and pinches together- just really, really unbearable.

I got the dogs out briefly this morning, but just for a few moments. I threw a tennis ball for Jack, and it landed in the snow he couldn't find it. Clifford, of course, was there to egg him on....

...Success! Jack found his ball buried in the drifts, but unfortunately could not see his way back to the house with all the snow in his face  LOL.

Cliff enjoys a post-potty gallop....

...and Miss Lucy hunkered up for a potty before high-tailing it back inside.

I should get out my new snow-blower (well, "new-to-me") and blow some trails around the yard for the dogs, but I'm afraid of running over Clifford's toys. He always has to bring a stuffy outside to go to the bathroom with him, but then he drops and leaves it for me to pick up. I gathered them all up and brought them in a few days ago, but I'm afraid he's dragged them all out again. I'll have to get out the shovel I guess, and compromise my poor back again. I don't know what I did to it, but it hasn't been the same the past few months. I guess I am getting old! :o(


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