Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Portraits

Two weeks ago a photographer came to our local Petco with a $9.99 photo package special. Of course I couldn't resist, and loaded up all 3 dogs in the Scion for a ride over. It was the funniest disaster EVER. I have the one clown just off the track who knows absolutely nothing, one deaf paranoid schitzophrenic, and a dog that never mentally leaves Planet Clifford. The poor photogs had their work cut out for them!

Outakes of the Zalewski Family Portrait Session

In short, Jack urinated all over the equipment and sign-up table, and then was SO eager for biscuits that his eyes bulge out of his head in EVERY STINKING PHOTO. Clifford had fun the first 5 minutes (doesn't he look jaunty??) and then mentally checked out to La La land. Poor Lucy looks ashamed, sad, and/or beaten in every pic :oP

Despite this, it was the most fun 30 minutes I had all week! Ha ha!



Katherine said...

Hilarious post. But the pix are far more beautiful than you describe! You'll be so glad to have had this done. There are some very sweet shots.

Jen said...

Thanks! I'm lucky to have three (well let's be honest, two) really photogenic dogs. ;o)


Kelita said...

I agree. The pics are gorgeous. You have a lovely family.