Sunday, January 03, 2010

"And another year goes by like a tolling bell..."

Well, this week has been an interesting vacation. In the art arena, it hasn't been that good. I've been trying to carve a linocut of Jack and holy toledo batman, carving the face of a young brindle dog is HARD. Especially a dark brindle like Jack. The black mask really has been throwing me for a loop- I've carved several pieces only to TOTALLY mess up the face- and totally ruining the piece. How do you carve a dog with a black face, without making them look grizzled like an elderly dog-? Challenges, challenges...

In other challenges, we've been battling fleas (how the heck did THAT happen?) and, of all things, RINGWORM. The dogs have the fleas, and I have the ringworm. It's like a freaking parasitical circus over here. :oP I've also been having horrid dreams about Lucy and Clifford- people letting them loose, having to look for them, etc. In one dream, someone gave Clifford heroin and sugar pills, and he got sick. I pulled out a gun and went to blow the face off the person who OD'ed him (I woke up before that happened). I've also been having strange dreams about my dogs who passed away- in one dream, my terrier Rudy got caught in a garage door and was lifted up and crushed in the ceiling while I watched in horror. In another dream, I was at church with my pug Ginger, and the whole congregation was singing "I believe in music" by Mac Davis, and I was singing and holding Ginger up, waving her around over my head like the Baby Jesus. So bizarre!

2010 has arrived and I am also at my heaviest weight ever. I feel horrid about it. I so DON'T want to go up a pant size or compromise my ability to go out hiking, skiing, etc with my dogs... and adult onset diabetes runs in my family... so I'm cutting my sugar intake dramatically (God help me). And I'm going to get up early and workout in the morning before work. I have FitTV, I might as well use it right?? I need to drop 10 lbs., at least. Oye.

I also have to tell you about the most amazing book I got out of the library. It's called "Unfinished Business" by James Van Praagh. This book has totally changed how I look at life- seriously- it is a mind-blowing book. If you aren't open-minded about spiritually-gifted people (the author is a medium) than you won't like it, but if you're open to different possibilities about life and after-life, than you'll totally be blown away. I've read other books by mediums like Sylvia Brown and found her stuff kind of kooky (I've also watched her on Montel and get a wierd vibe from her) but I've always thought James Van Praagh was a down-to-earth, honest, regular guy who is really gifted.  I don't buy many books anymore unless I really love them (no room on the shelves, and it's cheaper visiting the library!) but I'm DEFINITELY going to pick up a copy of this book. Totally A Plus.

Szczesliwego Nowego Roku (Happy New Year).


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