Friday, July 09, 2010

We're Moving... Virtually, this time :o)

We're moving! I've wanted to have my blog as a page on my website for a LONG TIME now... and finally it's come to fruition. This will be my last Blogspot/Blogger post, but don't leave me! lol. I'm now at this address:

Please change your bookmarks/reader address and follow me at my new virtual digs- I have new pics of the pups and gardens up, and will be posting photos from our recent camping trip to the mountains. The art studio is almost up and running, and I'm sketching out a new linocut. Lots of exciting stuff... don't miss it! :o)

See you soon!
-Jen (and Cliff & Jack too, of course)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our New Home!

I had a dream the other night about my first blog post after moving into the new house. It was a slow-motion video of me and the dogs running through the backyard, to the music of Barry Manilow, "Looks like we made it." DON'T WORRY, I'm corny but not THAT corny. I have no idea where that dream came from, so weird lol.

Anyway, without further ado... some pics from our new place! These were from Day 2, so nothing was unpacked yet... and while I'm 80% unpacked at this point, the place still looks like a disaster. :oP I hope I never move again... ugh.. so stressful!

We'll start with the bedroom. It's rather boring. It DOES have a walk-in closet and attached laundry room, though. I already re-arranged the furniture. Think I'm going to repaint the walls purple. Furniture is mish-mash at this point.

This is the living room, or what the previous owner called "The Adirondack Room." It does have a distinct AKD feel, with the laid wooden walls, ceiling and ceiling fan. I'm kind of baffled about how I'll lay this room needs help of some sort!

This is the main room, a living/dining combo (or "Great Room" as they call it)... it is going to be my art studio. Aren't the windows fab?? The red wall to the back left is the brick chimney. The door goes into the bedroom. There is a hallway off the left that goes to the front door and bathroom.

Studio from the other direction, looking towards the Adirondack room. The little kitchen is off to the right (you can see a bit of the cabinets there)...

Another view of the studio from the loft (yay! I have a loft!). It's billed as a second bedroom, but I'm going to use it for my paper storage, drying racks etc.

A view of the backyard from the northwest corner...

The boys exploring the backyard on Day 2- 1/2 acre surrounded by privacy fencing! They LOVE the house. Jack magically bumped back to his old self... no more cowering, no more refusing to come inside (although he's still paranoid about flies lol). I don't know what it was about the boondocks house we stayed at... maybe because it was empty and echoe-y? Made him nervous?  I'm SO glad he's comfy again. Cliff, of course, is always happy! :o) No worries about that boy.

Cliff exploring the flower gardens on the west side of the house. I'm not sure what is weed and what's flower at this point... I'll probably wait through the summer and see what blooms before I start yanking things out...

This is a little fenced-off garden paddock off the back of the house... really cute...

Another photo of the boys in the backyard, with the garden paddock to the right. That's O-Hill in the background.

Closing off with a house sparrow... we have several that have been visiting our feeder. Cute fellas!

We are still in a state of chaos, but at least semi-settled. The new fridge arrived, sattelite TV installed (I've always had cable so it's taking an adjustment - and this DVR thing? I don't get it!)--I found a great, affordable contractor who installed the dog door; our internet and phone are turning on next week (I'm posting this remotely, NO fun!).

Living on a busy main road, and on the "south tail of the 'hood", has been... different. I'm absolutely paranoid about the dogs getting out, and hit by a car. I've installed latches and paddlocks on the yard gates (all by myself, so proud lol); I wanted to install springs on the doors too, so they snap shut whenever you let them go, but couldn't figure it out (any tips?). A babygate has been installed in front of the front door, so there is no chance of bolting. I'm very watchful on our walks for loose pits but so far have only been charged by a loose chihuahua (thankfully Jack didn't eat it). We've met a lot of friendly people who are fascinated with the boys- and living in a diverse neighborhood again is fantastic. It reminds me of my time living in Queens. So far we are having a great time... will post more photos soon!


Friday, June 18, 2010

And the Beat Goes On...

Quick lunchtime blog post:

  1. The Kodak Easyshare Z981 Camera: It arrived. I tried. I disliked. I mean, the color and zoom are great, but SUCKS with action shots. I boxed it up, sent it back, and ordered a Canon SX20. God Help Me, this camera better be awesome because buying a satisfactory camera has turned out to be more stressful than buying a house.
  2. Gorilla-brand Duct Tape:  It may advertise that it's better than regular duct tape and has better stickyness, but it's not. I know it's not an advertised "use", but it won't stick to the bottom of Cliff's paws. To cover/smother his corn. Shouldn't duct tape be usesful for EVERYTHING? It's so disappointing when it's not.
  3. Jack: Poor Jack. He's having a horrible time adjusting to the new temporary house. He's become a totally different dog than a month ago- he's scared to come inside, refuses to come near me, shies away from me, phobic of flies (!!), very uneasy in the new surroundings, won't settle, lays at the door constantly, waiting to "go home". Our home we don't have anymore. I feel so badly for him.  It's difficult to even think about this. Ugh.
  4. GroundHog: The one good thing that happened to Jack since we moved to the country: He almost nailed a groundhog last night. I would have felt bad but it was so nice seeing him happy and excited again!
  5. Getting Old: It's SO depressing to hear "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi and "Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith on the Oldie's channel. I mean, seriously?  :oP
  6. Art: Experimenting with monotypes. Have a new linocut that I really liked, but kind of muffed up at the end- need to try to fix it this weekend between tending to the boys and my 15th high school reunion tomorrow, talk about oldies, holy crap-!
  7. OUR NEW HOUSE! We have a closing date! Friday the 25th! I'm sooooo happy. But now I'm kind of nervous because --what if Jack hates the new place like he hates our interim housing?? What do I do? We can't move back to our old place, it's done and gone. Closed on. Sold.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We Survived...

...We survived our temporary move to the boonies. Barely, LOL. Jack had a very difficult time the first 48 hours, but made it. And Cliff seems to have strained himself a bit with getting in/out of the car the few times- he's been extra-gimpy. He's getting TLC.

I received my Olympus SP-800UZ digital camera in the mail, but am returning it.  The panoramic zoom is fantastic and color really good, but the lag time between clicks is horrible, even on the continuous-shoot action mode. The boys were romping around the yard but all I got was one photo (because the screen blacks out for several seconds between shooting, the shows you the photo for a couple seconds, and by the time you can take a picture again... the action is over).  I guess this is the type of camera to get for still-life and landscape shots... not running greyhounds and birding! On another note, I was also suprised that I missed the Viewfinder hole... you had to find your subject and focus on it solely using the LCD screen. That's great, but when I zoomed in on a young finch in the sycamore, took a photo (and it blacked out, then showed me the picture, then went back to ready-to-shoot mode)... by then, my hands had shook a bit and I couldn't find the bird on the LCD screen... so I had to back out of the zoom, find it in the branches, and zoom in again. I always despised the viewfinder hole because it left smudges on my glasses when I pressed up against it... but maybe they aren't such bad things after all?

I exchanged it  for a Kodak EasyShare Z981. I really hope it gives me what I want! I suppose I couldn't return this since I already returned something, right? They would probably think I was scamming them or something. I'm not sure about Kodak quality or reputation when it comes to DIGITAL cameras, so I hope it's okay. I've always had Canons myself but the best point-and-shoot Canon had only 20x zoom (which is still equivalent to a manual 560 mm telephoto, so nothing to disparage, but why get 20x when I could get 26x or 30x?)?

Last night I set up my temporary art studio in the empty dining room. I have a folding table for my carving and sketching, and then my printing table to hold my bottlejack press and inking plate. I've done some life sketching of the boys (drawing them from life, not photos) which has been FUN... I haven't done that in about a year. Jack's oddly-shaped roman nose is hard to get- but I've mastered Cliff. :)

Next to our temporary housing is a hobby-farm. They have a young Komondor, which is interesting because they are SUCH rare and unusual dogs. I've never been a huge fan of mops, but she is so striking (even without dreadlocks yet), I can't help but stare at her. The first time she charged us while we were walking, I yelled at her to back-off and shook my poop bag at her. The second time she saw us coming down the street, she turned tail and ran like hell towards the back of the farm, LOL. They are supposed to be pretty fearless livestock guardians, so I'm surprised she was so upset to see us (unless she telepathically knew that I was training for my Tae Kwon Do yellow belt?? LOL). Speaking of which, is SO MUCH FUN. I mean... it's a workout... but it's a fun workout, much more satisfying that sitting on a stationary bike or treadmill.

Well, this post has bored me to tears, I can't imagine how anyone else feels. Hopefully next time I'll have some photos, which I can put on a CD at home, then bring to work and post on my blog during lunch hour.


Friday, June 04, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya Tomorrow--!!

Tomorrow I score my U-Haul, pack it to the gills, and begin a month of Bohemian living with no TV, no internet (I do have access at work, so I'll pop in during lunch hour, I promise) and a laughable pay-per-minute dinosaur cell phone. All in the lovely country splendor of the Cayuga Co boodocks. Fun stuff.

The greyhounds are very anxious. This last week of packing has made them very clingy (that is, until Jack sees a squirrel out the window, flies through the dog door in pursuit, with Cliff scrambling after him to keep up. Or until Jack has decided, 'hmm, it's been 3.2 minutes since my last meal, let's go outside and raid the strawberry garden, shall we?' Again, with Clifford tagging along like a befuddled and curious puppy-'What is he doing? Why is he doing that??').

In case the move tomorrow does me in, I will leave you with a few tidbits:

The house I bought? That I'm moving into at the end of July? It's a few blocks away from this Thursday occurance. LOL. Now I knew I'd see a lot of "wild- life" in the city, but not REAL wildlife!!

20 Ways to Reduce Your Dependency on Oil   <--- Necessary reading for every American, especially in light of the BP spill! We are oil pigs and need to reduce, reduce, reduce. Let's try.

 Learning to Tell Your Story as an Artist/Craftsperson.  Luann Udell has the most thought-provoking, wonderful blog on being a creative person. Check it out and bookmark it!!

Can I get a dog that lives to 17? PLEASE???*

And I think I've decided on my next camera: An Olympus sp800-UZ. It's a nice hybrid of DSLR and point-and-shoot. Check out the zoon on that baby!!!!

Lunch break is over, so back to work. Happy Friday everyone!!


*My Rudy lived to 16, but that's still not as good as 17. I WANT 17!!!! Or 18. Or 19. Or...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Holy Schmokes! Today is....


Hard to believe, I know. He's a bit slower, a bit spacier (B&T- no laughing!!), but still my joyful, happy guy. Hope you enjoy the video*, since my cameras are still in NYC. :)


*Somewhere in there I say Jack is picky, and I have no idea why I said that. I mean- the dog would eat rocks if I put them in his bowl. I THINK I meant to say that I add a lot of water to his soup to fill him up more without adding the calories. Who knows, lol.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Art Update

Just a quick update during my lunch break.

North Viele Pasture, one of my woodcuts, made it into "A Celebration of Block Prints" Etsy Treasury.  Yeah, thank you Milatropolis!

Three of my linocuts (White-Breasted Nuthatch, Stripes, and 'Watch'Dog) were all accepted into a staff and faculty art show here at the University where I work.  To cap it off, White-Breasted Nuthatch was chosen to be shown at the Everson Museum of Art this fall. A real museum- holy cow! So excited I could pee my pants-!!!

No other news. I'm pretty much done with packing all non-essential stuff in my house. Two more weeks One more week before we move to interim housing in the Boondocks. My cameras are still in NYC being evaluated. My art supplies are all boxed up. My books are all sequestered away in storage. Ick!! It feels really crappy being in an "in-between" transitional stage, but I started a Tae Kwon Do class which is great at relieving the stress and frustration of it all. And the boys, Cliff and Jack, have been great. Jack DID break into one of my moving boxes, pulled out all of my large tabletop candles (I have them for cases when the electricity goes down) and eat them. All of them. Sigh. They were scented, so he probably thought they were food.... I guess?? Ugh. Oh well. Other than that "mishap", packing has been seamless.

I have some great plans for June, while living TV-less and internet-less in an empty house in the Boondocks: work on some linocuts. Experiment with Monotypes (Monoprints). Work on the sketchbook. There will be no distractions other than my two pups and some rednecks living next door. Woot, woot!

That's it for now, I guess. Happy Thursday to everyone-


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Studio Daydreaming....

I'm getting ants-in-the-pants crazy waiting to move into my new house. It seems like the end of June will never get here!!! But in the meantime, I'm daydreaming about paint colors, the garden and... of course... my new art studio. I've kind of become obsessed with finding new furniture for it. I don't NEED new furniture... I have a drafting table, and two tables to hold my presses and inking station... but they are kind of old and new furniture seems so exciting. Today I visited Marty's and oggled over the all the unfinished furniture they have; desks, bureaus and hutches (oh, they would be wonderful to hold art stuff!). Some of my ideas:

Wouldn't this be FABULOUS as a new art desk? All the compartments great for holding art supplies, artsy books, etc... YAY! And I could sit anywhere I wanted... each side is accessible and useable... I could work facing the kitchen, the windows looking outside, or facing the living room... ogg. I am in love with this! It's a little more modern than the look I'm going for, but it's just so fabulous, I can't help but drool.

This is another option. More standard desk-looking, and kind of Shaker-ish (not my favorite look) but I like the L-shape. See, my new art studio won't have any "walls", really, to butt things up against. One wall is all windows and built-in bookshelves, and the other "wall" is the kitchen area and hallway to the front door. So all my furniture will need to sit in the middle of the room? If that explanation makes sense?

I love Flickr, too. The photo site (the bird too, lol). I've found some great groups that are all about sharing photos of peoples' art and craft studios. Check out Etsy Member Studios, and then Art Studios. It's SO inspiring to see where people make art - some folks have their own gorgeous outbuildings, and others just a corner of the dining room table... but they make it work!! I love looking at their tables, their storage units... everything. It gives me so many cool ideas.

Speaking of art, I am working on a new linocut which is a bit stressful because of the packing and general disarray. I haven't gotten far, just putting the image on the block, but it's moving along. I'd post photos BUT I can't... I have packed up my 2 digital cameras and my old film camera and sent them to NYC to be traded in for a new Canon Powershot SX20. No reason to have 3 cameras laying around... I really only need one, right?

Countdown to moving to our interim housing in The Boondocks. Three, two...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ballfield Playdate

Spent the night at Mom and Dad's. They have some great fenced ballfields near their new house so this morning I took Jack, Cliff and their youngest pug Amos (Cliff's BFF) over to run around a bit. Some fun pics:

Amos tries to keep up with the big dogs, LOL...

The ol' man can still run! ...

Even after his Big Saturday in the Adirondacks, Jack had a ton of energy to zoom around the field a few times...

Handsome Amos...

I am very impressed by Cliff's progress. Getting him back on Glucosamine & MSM and occassional Gabapetin have been miraculous. I noticed his corn came back, so we've been hulling it out and doing the old duct-tape treatment again, too. I wonder if his bad limping a month or so back was a result of the corn growing up, unseen, under the surface of the pad?  Dunno. You can tell he's much more comfy walking on soft surfaces like dirt and grass, compared to road and sidewalk.

Look at his smile!!...

... the boys...

Now that our fun vacation weekend is over, it's back to packing-!


Brandy Lake Hike

I've never stopped at the Brandy Lake trailhead, although I pass it every time I take Rt. 28 into the mountains. After hiking Rondaxe (Bald Mt) and then window shopping in Old Forge, I thought... "What the heck? I still have some pep, and Jack is young and frisky. We have a few hours to kill before dusk... let's explore!" I probably wouldn't have acted on this if I knew the trail was a round trip of 6 miles!! Alas, it didn't look that long on my map... [famous last words].

I've never seen any cars at the Brandy Lake trailhead, and we were the only ones there this day as well (yay). The trail was fairly gentle, with a couple easy hills. Three miles in, three miles out.

LOTS of mushrooms/fungus around. I need to get a guide.

The first Jack-in-the-Pulpit I've seen this year (at least, I think that's what it is. I'd check my ADK flora book, but it's already packed in a box somewhere!)...

Brandy Lake was serene and beautiful. Unfortunately my camera has too-big a lens to capture anything but *part* of the shore...

Jack in the Witch Hopple... I love that stuff. It grows around waterways, lakes and rivers. It rolls off the tongue so nicely too. "Witch Hopple." :o)

I was SO psyched to find some Marsh Marigolds!!! They are my favorite wild flower, and I've only ever seen them south of Ithaca, near Danby State Forest. It was exciting to find these...

Beautiful patterns in the water along Brandy Lake...

After Rondaxe (about 2 miles), Old Forge and then 6 miles at Brandy Lake... we were pooped!! Cold and sometimes cloudy, but it ended up being a nice day.


Jack's New Friend

After climbing Rondaxe Mt., Dad met us for a lunchtime snack in Old Forge. Across the street was this huge stuffed-animal raccoon that Jack LOVED. He charged up to it, wagging his tail like crazy and sniffing the 'coon's shirt excitedly. It was so hysterical... we decided to pose for a picture with Jack's new "friend" LOL. Dad took the pic- thanks, Dad.

Rondaxe Mountain

This weekend I decided to head up to Old Forge for Paddlefest 2010, in hopes of trying out some solo canoes, attending some seminars, and doing some hiking. *Sigh*, typical me... I got the date wrong... Paddlefest is NEXT weekend. Ooops. Oh well... I got to see my parents (who babysat Cliffie for the day) and visit the North Country, at least. :oP  First trip to the mountains this season, yippee!

First stop (after figuring out my Paddlefest Date Blunder) was hiking up Rondaxe (Bald) Mountain, just north of Old Forge. I've gone up to the Adirondacks for years, but never had much interest in climbing. I prefer more secluded and scenic hikes, around ponds and especially bogs (plus, the mountain paths are always crowded- the lake, pond and bog hikes aren't). And with Lucy and Clifford- well, the past several years they've been slowing down and strenuous hiking just wasn't in the bag. Today, I decided to try climbing a mountain with Jackie-Pants. He's young, he's strong, and I need to sweat off a few (well, more than a few) pounds of winter weight. Jack could lose a pound or two as well (a woman at the Old Forge Hardware store was kind enough to comment, "Well, he's certainly stocky for a greyhound, isn't he?" Um, thanks.). He's not THAT bad, and gets walked twice a day, but *sigh*, he's an eater. That's a good thing and a bad thing!

The mountains in the Old Forge area are certainly nothing like the High Peaks region, so Rondaxe/Bald Mountain would be a nice starting point for us- I could test our endurance, see how Jack handled the ascent, etc. I was a bit ruffled pulling into the trailhead area- it was packed with cars- not my ideal-! But I have to say, for most of the ascent we were alone which was really nice.


...and up...

...and up...

...nope, still not the summit...

...up, up, up-!

...almost there-!...

...The Summit! Finally!

It was really a beautiful hike, just under a mile each way. And can I just say? Hiking with a young dog is DIFFERENT. At first I was really paranoid as the trail went up rooted, steep areas and across huge boulders with NO shoulders to speak of. But Jack's small, tight feet gripped really well and he had no trouble at all scrambling up the steep areas or leaping over logs and huge roots. Towards the summit the trail went over rocky ridges that fell steeply off either side (you can see in a couple of the pics above)... he wasn't fazed at all even though my heart was pounding a mile a minute!!... and was very steady and sure, like a little mountain goat. I wonder if Lucy and Clifford were that agile and brave in their younger days? I don't remember. In 2005 Lucy (then age 8) and Cliff (then age 7) tried to ascend "family-friendly" Baker Mountain in Saranac Lake, and it was a huge Cluster, if you know what I mean! That was the first and last mountain we did together, LOL!

I did find out one thing about Jack's hiking abilities... he has absolutely ZERO navigational skills. I mean that in a trail-sense... I get the feeling he couldn't follow a trail if you paved it in front of him, LOL. Twice on this hike he led us off the main path on smaller side-paths, and I didn't notice until we were really far into the bush and we had to back-track. Cliff is like that too. I tend to think, though, that Clifford just lacks the ability to follow a trail? That he's kind of clueless-? Whereas Jack just doesn't care, LOL.

But that's okay, we all can't be good at everything right?

More pics from the trail:

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm afraid this post won't be terribly interesting! The big news is that my purchase offer was accepted HOURS before the tax credit ended, so we have a house to move into... hooray!  Since then, I've been in a cleaning and packing hell. It's really amazing how much STUFF you accumulate over 6 years. Several pieces of furniture that won't be coming with us have been broken down and moved out of the house. Heavy boxes are growing and growing around here. The boys were curious about the activity at first (especially Jack) but they seem fine now. It's driving me insane though... never-ending packing... cleaning... boxes and clutter scattered all over, waiting to be picked through and packed... it's like living in a tornado.

In between my house closing here and closing on the new house, we'll be homeless for about a month. I'll be living in my parent's house, which they've been trying to sell but haven't been as lucky as I was. It's closer to work but in the boondocks. And I won't have TV. Or internet. Or any of my stuff, because it will be in storage. June is going to be a looooonnnng month, lol.


Saturday, May 01, 2010

Etsy Update!

I've been long overdue to update my Etsy store, but I finally did it. Check it out here!

It's been crazy busy recently, so I haven't gotten to as much artwork as I've liked. I've also postpone a few of my daily after-work doggie walks with Cliff and Jack, which upset the pups a bit. They are so used to routine! But I couldn't help it. I have to say, selling you house- searching for a new one- buying a new one- yeah, it sounds fun. And on some level it is... but other levels it isn't, LOL.

I found a great house for us in the Lincoln Hill neighborhood of Syracuse- close to work, a few houses away from the park, charming 1890 bungalow- and scrambled to put together an offer (another person was supposedly also scrambling on the house). It was accepted, hooray! Did all the paperwork, hooray! Began dreaming about what furniture would go where, hooray! Had the home inspection... and it BOMBED. I mean... asbestos in the basement, illegally installed furnace with no lining/fluting, lead pipes bringing drinking water in the house, the roof was less than a year from needing full replacement, and the kicker... one 10-foot section of foundation along the house had been REMOVED and replaced with a sheet of flipping PLYWOOD. Yeah, that was the only thing holding up that section of the house. How did I miss that on my 2 visits, before putting in the purchase offer?? Anyway, the house was obviously sinking dramatically in that area, and the other side of the house had foundation that needed re-pointing and re-sealing. Wah-wah-wah.

Needless to say, we (well, I) backed out of the offer. I mean... I'm willing to deal with a few issues when I buy a house, but not huge ones like foundations and roofs! Oye vey.

Then the scrambling began. I mean... I'm closing on the sale of my (current) house on/about June 5, thereabouts. I NEED A PLACE TO LIVE! And it's been so hard finding anything affordable on my salary in a safe neighborhood, you know? But I'm really lucky... I happened to come across a beautiful, artsy, REALLY fabulous 1-floor house (with a loft!!) and HALF ACRE backyard, already privacy-fenced and beautifully gardened, right on the edge of the city this week. Put in a purchase offer. The seller then had an emotional breakdown and decided she WASN'T going to sell the house. There was a day where my realtor and this woman's realtor were playing counselor as the woman cried about her house on the phone with them and I sat with pychotic butterflies in my stomach, wondering if she'd sell me the house. The woman inevitably decided to go forward with the sale, but only if I put in a full-price offer so she could pay her bills. I agreed, because the house is UNBELIEVABLE and I wanted it sooo badly. Dad did an inspection and gave it his blessing, but we have a "real" inspector coming Tuesday (Bridget, that's at noon if you want to come?). We even got all the paperwork signed before the 5 pm Tax Credit deadline, so I'm getting a rebate (hooray!).

The house is amazing... windows that go from ceiling to almost-floor, built-in bookshelves all over, a little fireplace, a "Florida" room... SO much light...really awesome. The backyard is to die for. The only downside to the house is that it doesn't have a basement, only has one bedroom (which doesn't matter to me, but I'm sure would turn off a lot of buyers), and is on a main street. But that's okay. The rest makes up for it.

I can't believe it, but it was in the 80's today... insane! This morning was the first GWC walk in quite awhile, newly under the reins of Glen and Kelly S. It was at Onondaga Lake Park, and quite a few folks showed up with their Greyhounds (we also had a Frenchie and doxie mix join in). Even at 10 am, it was sooo humid and oppressive, though. Jackie had a blast but the heat really wiped him out and he slept soundly all afternoon, woot! Make that a double-woot.

So...  back to the House. When you're buying and selling, every time the phone rings, your heart jumps in your throat and you feel like spontaneously vomiting all over yourself (at least, that's my experience). Last weekend the phone rang while I was napping and I quickly tried roused myself from deep sleep. After two rings I was sufficiently awake and took off at a dead run through the house, trying to find the phone. I was booking full speed because I was afraid it would be my real estate lady (which it was) and I'd miss something important (which I didn't). While sprinting through the art studio around the corner into the kitchen, I slipped on the floor and fell in a horrendous, horrific BAM. Yeah, did you hear some sort of thunderclap last Saturday, around 2 pm? That was me falling. I twisted my ankle pretty badly and lay there moaning loudly for a few seconds. Then, gathering myself, I clambered to my one good foot and booked to get the phone. Looking back... dang, I fell... the house shook... I lay there wailing in agony... and neither of my dogs even got up from their beds to see what happened! WTH? So much for women's best friend, maybe I SHOULD have gone with diamonds instead lol.


Thursday, April 22, 2010


The fence along the back border of our yard is a Squirrel Highway. Neighbors on both sides have ever-overflowing bird feeders, so dozens of little fluffy gray vermin make their way along our chain link every day, gorging themselves at one and then traveling to the other. Lucy used to occasionally get excited about them. Cliff has never shown interest. Jack? Well, that lil' pup is a true hunter. When he sees them, the stalking begins.

I know, I know! Amusing, right? It's so funny to watch him try his darndest to catch one, but fail miserably every time.

Well tonight I was poop scooping along the back fence and I found a tail. Um, yeah. A squirrel tail. At first I thought it was Cliff's squirrel toy, but I quickly realized IT WASN'T. IT WAS REAL. I was fascinated and appalled at the same time. I picked it up and saw the bloody stump at the end. Cliff came over, gave it a whiff, and snatched it out of my hands! I had to chase him around the yard to get it back (thankfully, given his disc disease, it was a short chase) and as soon as I got it, Jack grabbed it from me! I tried to yank it back, and we ended up ripping it in half. OMG, it was awful. I threw it over the fence into the neighbor's weeds. What the hell happened? Did Jack actually rip it off some squirrel? Was the squirrel running along the fence, outracing Jack, and got it caught in the chain link and it ripped out that way? There wasn't a body anywhere, soooo...

Oye, oye, oye--!

So much for the cute lil' innocent face. Unless the Spirit of Lucy Past came back, we know who's guilty around here...