Monday, December 14, 2009

New Etsy Listings & Art Mumbo Jumbo

I meant to get these up on Etsy for awhile now but life got in the way! This is "Escape by a Hare"- a fun piece I did with Lucy as my model- kind of appropriate to post it up after her successful dental surgery I guess! It is available right now on yellow Lokta paper or off-white Kitakata. Free shipping to US and Canada still on until Jan 1, holiday promo!! :o)  My Etsy Store

I am going to try to be a bit more proactive about my art in 2010. Well, I guess I should say I'm going to try to be a better MARKETER. I think most people who make art get a bit squeamish about marketing and I'm no exception, but it seems like there is more I can do. First of all, I would like to revamp my website. I did a quick re-design last month but I'd like to have my site AND blog under the same domain name. I do enough reading of art marketing books and websites, as well as haunt the Art Business forum on Wetcanvas, to know that if you aren't constantly updating your website and "freshening it" then people will stop visiting- and right now I only update a few times a year. :o(  So I'm exploring Wordpress as a content-management site AND blog- all rolled into one- we'll see. Another thing I want to do is more promotions, and I'm thinking to perhaps have special promotions (sales?) in March, June and September in celebration of Jack's, Clifford's and Lucy's birthdays. Good idea? Corny??

And speak of the devil, Lucy was doing great this morning. She had a nice breakfast of home-baked beef/veggie cookies that I slaved over yesterday and also polished off a can of tuna. She refused the SD Dental Kibble that she was so heartily scarfing up yesterday, and also declined a bowl of yogurt (Clifford was happy to eat it for her, lol). It took her awhile to get out of bed (nothing unusual- she's not a morning person) but once up, she was her usual perky self. She used the dog door easily, and visited me in the bathroom while I was taking a shower (her m.o.). Her back-end isn't as saggy as it was the other day, either. However my boss told me this morning that anesthesia can stay in your body for up to 6 months (is this true?) so maybe she'll still be a bit shaky in the future?

Lunch hour is done- time to get back to work! Happy Monday everybody.



Katka said...

What an awesome print! So much energy and movement. I love the way you did the sun.

Good news about Lucy too. I'm glad all is ok.


Mai Harris said...

I love your prints. I'll be sure to check out your etsy site.