Monday, December 21, 2009

My Little Social Butterflies

We had a busy weekend... I mean, most weekends seem to fly by anyway but this one was gone in less than 2 blinks.

This weekend the hounds had 2 playdates! Well there wasn't much playing, maybe "pee-dates" and "sniff-dates" would be more apt, because the urine was certainly flowing freely...

My parents were showing their house on Saturday, so they loaded up Amos and Benny* and came to our house for a visit. With four boys in the yard, there was a lot of marking, barking, marking, and marking. Lucy made a brief appearance but quickly went back inside (that black blob scurrying past the viewfinder? Yeah. Lol). She isn't fond of small dogs (or female dogs, or large dogs, or medium dogs, or wrinkly dogs, or active dogs, or...).

Of course, Amos was thrilled to hang out with his BFF, Clifford. I'm not sure the feeling was mutual, lol.


The next morning, Sunday, we babysat lovely Mercedes for a couple hours. Lots of wandering and sniffing, but no zooms or chases. With Lucy at 13 and Cliff and Mercedes at 11, I guess that era is behind us. And while Jack will occasionally gallop around the yard, it's really not his thing, especially if a ball isn't involved.

No balls here...

 ... of any kind!



 I think Mercedes had a good time, and my pups seemed to enjoy the company! Two days in a row, too. They are becoming social butterflies!


*My parents still have Nightmare Alice, but their real estate agent said it was fine to leave her at the house when it was being shown or during an Open House since she is blind and just sits in the kitchen, staring at the wall. I'm not sure I'd want my smelly dogs in sight when trying to sell my home, but my parents are adamant that she is a fantastic Ambassa-dog for them. And they call ME crazy! Jeesh!


runswithdog said...

Lucy likes Mal and Cosmo....... :-)

alex said...

Sounds like Hero's kind of playdate.
At the dog park he just walks the perimeter peeing on anything taller than 8 inches- fencing, benches, people, dogs.....