Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lucy- Home Sweet Home

Lucy's dental is done and my girl is home!

I was an absolute nervous wreck dropping her off at the hospital before work on Thursday... I mean, I literally felt like I had 20,000 butterflies eating away at my stomach lining. Poor Lucy looked as nervous as I felt... it's almost as if she knew what she was in for, lol. I could barely get her in the door, hauling her as well as her bed and a stinky old dog blanket from the car... we were a disaster. The techs were kind and let me go back and get her settled in her kennel run before I was whisked away and on my way to work, eating my fingernails with anxiety.

Doc B. called about an hour later, letting me know that they had started pre-op, and things were going well so far. I assumed that meant her blood work was fine and none of the techs had had their faces ripped off yet. She said she was a "good girl" (ha!) and that they'd call back in a bit.

It didn't seem very long before Doc G.*, who was to perform Lucy's dental, called to tell me they were done. I was surprised it went so fast. They only pulled out one tooth (the abscessed one). Doc G said that Lucy had difficulty with the anesthesia so they worked as fast as they could and then got her out of there. Apparently the anesthesia they usually use on greyhounds didn't touch her at all, so they switched to another, but she kept waking up during the procedure anyway, and had some difficulty breathing at times. She did maintain a steady heart rate through everything though. Still- the thought of her having difficulty gave me the shivers. They asked to keep her until late afternoon so they could keep her on the IV and monitor her a bit more.

What. A. Long. Afternoon. I did busy-work and ordered Lucy a heated dog-bed pad during lunch break. When 3 o'clock came my ass was flying out of work and speeding back to the city to pick my girl up. I did a quick stop at Kohl's and bought her a beautiful purple plush blanket to recover on - $25- I have never spent that kind of money on a blanket in my life! But it was so soft, and I knew Lucy would love it.

When I finally got to the vet's office, I had to wait about 20 minutes for the techs to bring Lucy out front. Not only did they have to take out the IV, but then Lucy got pissy and refused to leave the kennel. I guess it was nice they took so long to coddle her out instead of being more, uh, firm - it gave me time to pay the bill, go over her antibiotics, etc-  but man Lucy, hurry your rump up! I want to see you! When she was finally walked out, she had a shaved leg and looked a little loopy, but was otherwise okay. Happy reunion!

When we got home, both boys were fascinated with her and wanted to sniff her. That wasn't the most surprising thing, though- when I brought her out to the backyard to pee, Jack became very fresh with her- jumping around her, lashing out at her and making snarly noises. Poor Lucy was wobbling like a tinker toy trying to find a place to pee, and Jack was being an absolute asshole. I couldn't tell whether it was predatory/bully behavior or play- but he wouldn't listen to me when I told him to knock it off, so I ran over before he could escalate and physically removed him from the situation. (Later I chalked it up to her stinking like the vet's office and blood and that riling him up, but then this morning Clifford fell in the kitchen and began screaming, and Jack ran over and began lashing out at him -not making contact but REALLY wanting to- snarling and behaving the same way. What does this mean? Pack dynamics? High-prey behavior?  Combo?).

I slept on a dog bed with Lucy the first night, and took Friday off to monitor her. With the exception of a quick walkie with the boys and a trip to the hairdresser to lop my hair off, I stayed next to her the whole day. She slept a lot- mostly on blankets OTHER than the snuggly expensive purple one. :oP She slept most of Saturday too, but was definitely a bit perkier. She seemed to have trouble keeping her rump up though... she was walking and standing like someone kicked her in the butt... kind of droopy back there. Residual effects of the anesthesia? And not only that but she still finicky as ever! I thought the dental would make her more comfortable to eat, but she doesn't want to. Let me rephrase that: She wants to eat junk, like jerky treats, gnawesomes, and biscuits (even hard ones!) but doesn't want kibble, canned canine food, yogurt, Banquet TV dinners or even some pot pies I mic'ed for her.

Today I cooked up some hamburger and made hamburger-squash-pea-oatmeal-PB dog biscuits, just to get some nutrition in her. She loves them, so that's good. Took all afternoon- ugh, I hate cooking/baking. She's lucky I love her so much! :oP

She also loves the samples of prescription Science Diet tooth food that the vet gave us after her dental. Man, I HATE to have to buy her that crap but maybe I'll have to, if that's all she likes. I'm really not a SD fan at all.

Today Lucy has been barking at the wall and ceiling, so I assume she's back to her normally demented self. I can't wait for her heated dog-bed pad to arrive.... she is going to be in heaven!


*Not to be confused with Doctor G: Medical Examiner, the autopsy lady, from Discovery Health Channel, lol.


gryphonkessira said...

I'm so glad she made it through ok!

PS I love Dr. G, medical examiner, but Matt doesn't like me to watch it when he's in the room.

Hiking Hounds said...

Yeah! I'm glad she made it through without any big problems. What a lucky girl to get a new bed and blanket.

I've heard that sometimes when a dog seems hurt or sick other dogs will lash out at them. I think it's an instinctual reaction. Could that be what's going on with Jack?

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I would guess prey drive. A dog gimping, showing weakness, screaming, seizures, and other things like.... can stimulate prey drive in the others. Kudos to Jack for not making contact, but I think you did the right thing by intervening and stopping his obnoxious behavior and letting the others know you've got it handled and will protect them.

Glad Lucy is home and well.

Jen said...

Thanks for your kind comments about Lucy, guys. Mel- I love Dr. G too! :o)

Thanks also for the input on Jack. He's always muzzled when left alone with L & C, so that precaution is taken. I do wish I could read his mind though, and see what was going on (and rationalize with him, lol).