Friday, November 13, 2009


Working on some sketches of the hounds- Cliff at the top, Lucy at the bottom. Lu's muzzle is a bit off... too squat or short, or something. Clifford's eyes have been driving me insane... eyes are the hardest part, especially on a straight- or 3/4- view. I struggled for hours with them last night! Finally just erased them off, and will try again after work today.

I know a lot of people just trace photographs and that is how they get their preliminary drawings, but I find a lot of satisfaction from drawing without tracing anything, even though it takes much (much, much, lol) longer and can really be frustrating at times. I go through a lot of erasers!!  I use photos for references, but photos lie a lot especially with anatomy and perspective, so I don't rely on them too much. Not only that, but I (personally) like to look at something, internalize it, filter it through my head, and then let that image out through my fingers, with pencil or carving tool- so the "picture" actually has a little "me" in it. I'm not sure if that makes any sense?

I'm lucky that Lucy is a great model! So is Cliff, of course, but if I'm looking at a photo for a drawing reference and something looks 'off,' doesn't feel right, is too dark/blurry to make out- Lucy is a real champ at letting me examine her anatomy to double-check. How many times has she rolled over on her side for me so I could count her nipples and make sure I don't draw in too many (or too few)?? How many times have I asked her for her paw, so I could more closely examine toe shape and feel out the bones beneath the skin? Lots of times! :o)  Clifford will allow me to do SOME prodding, but usually gets up and leaves in a huff if he feels I'm asking too much.

Jack is shaping up into a good model too, in that he will allow me to flop him around to get a good drawing angle, or check his teeth, toes, etc. If he's feeling sassy though, he'll sometimes mistake my prodding for playtime, and start play-mouthing, kicking, pawing, etc.

And speaking of Jack... he did his first Roach the other day! I didn't get a pic (he moved when I went to grab the camera) but the next night he did it again, and I got a cute photo. This morning he tried to invite Cliff to play with a few playbows and flips- wow! So the boys may be making strides in their relationship. That is very exciting!


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