Monday, November 16, 2009

Lucy's been overdue...

Well, it's been a couple years since Lucy visited the ER, so it was time for my accident-prone girl to break the dry spell.  Thankfully she didn't flay herself down the side by running into a fence (2002), flay herself over the back and down the side by cutting a corner to fast and catching her skin on the bumper of the parked camper (2007) - this time she only (thankfully) somehow managed to flay the top of one of her back toes- took the top layer of skin and the fur right off!

I'm embarrassed to say... I came home from work Thursday and Lucy seemed really stiff. She was also really stiff on Friday. I chalked it up to the arthritis in her lower spine, and just gave her some extra Deramaxx. It never occurred to me that the humpity-stiff posture and minced walking would be from a toe ( I assumed, if it was foot-related, she would have been walking on 3 legs. I guess I learned something!)! Saturday morning I sat down with her on the couch after breakfast, went in to snuggle, noticed the purple, puss-filled toe and freaked!

Thankfully my vet has emergency hours on Saturday and had room to look at Lucy. Not sure what happened- did Jack step on her (he's prone to trample when he gets excited)? Did she catch it in the dog door? Whatever happened, it turned the toe purple and swelled it up pretty badly. Saturday the swelling was so bad, the toe kind of overlapped her little toe next to it... ick. After it was shaved and lanced, the size has gotten smaller and it is looking better.

Poor Lucy has 4 pills (antibiotics) a day to take for the next 10 days! She is a Picky Patty anyway, and "tricking" her into eating horse-sized pills is a nightmare. One I can cut up, because it is a pill-pill, but the other is a capsule. Arg. So far I have hid the mediciine in lumps of butter, wads of bread, and pieces of hot dog- and the wench found them every time, and spit them out unceremoniously! This is going to be a long 10 days.

Extra gentle snuggling ordered for Lucy! :)


P.S.- The vet said it could also be a mass (cancer) but I don't think it is. I dremel Lucy's nails every month or so, and would have noticed any mass growing on her toes. I'm thinking the toe got caught somewhere and the skin tore.


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Ouch! You are not alone. I feel like such a dumba$$ when I notice an injury that is obviously a couple of days old. Hope it heals quickly.

You might try hiding pills in creme cheese, swiss cheese, and peanut butter.

Jen said...

Ah! Great ideas! I will try cream cheese tonight- I have some in the fridge!


Jen said...

Ah! Great ideas! I will try cream cheese tonight- I have some in the fridge!


Sarah said...

oh poor Lucy! I hope she is feeling better soon!