Thursday, November 05, 2009

History/Herstory- Lucy, Clifford and Jack

I posted a "new" blog post yesterday, but because I started it on the 16th, it posted under "October 16." Which stinks, because it's a really fun post so I wish it was at the top of my blog! Oh well...  Here's the link. Anyway, I've been in touch with Jack's racing owner, as well as the kennel that whelped him, and HOLY CRAP I GOT PUPPY PICTURES!!!! So be sure to check out the link for utterly cute squee-worthy brindle puppy cuteness. And I'm not a puppy person, so that's saying something! :o)

That has also got me thinking about Lucy and Clifford's racing careers. Of course, after adoption I right away went to bat searching for pedigrees, long-lost siblings, racing info, etc. I wasn't as lucky with them as I was with Jack, but I thought I'd share some of their "history and herstory" with you. :o)

I wanted to start with Lucy, but Blogger imported her JPG to the bottom of my post and I can't move it for some reason. WTH? So, we'll start with Cliff since his stuff imported to the top.

I was lucky with Cliff in that my great friend Bridget was part of the group that travelled to the racetrack to pick him out. That's right, Cliff was hand-picked especially for yours truly. And B will forever be in my heart for picking me such a special boy!! Anyway... Clifford came with a little strip of paper summarizing his last few races. I dont' know what this is called, but I got one with Lucy too.

Cliff's summary:

This gives Clifford's racing name and a little sentence about him (gender, birthday, sire and dam etc.), the dates of his races, the location (PL- Plainfield Greyhound Park in Connecticut), some numbers that confuse me to this day, and then the description of his performance in each race. You can see what they said about him- "Early Factor, Bumped First Turn, No Threat," etc. Well, if he was a stunning racer on his last few races he probably wouldn't have been retired, so I expect most people see poor comments on their racing slips (or whatever these are called). On the far right are the dogs that actually ended up winning that race.

This is Clifford's Official NGA Bertillion:

A Bertillion is where each dog's color and markings are recorded- right down to the toenail color! As you can see, Cliff is marked Red with mostly "dark" colored toenails (he seems more Red Fawn to me than Red, but whatever). His ear tattoos are at the top of the paper. The Right Ear tatoo of a greyhound holds all their birth/litter info in 3 digits! "68G" means that Cliff was born in the month of June (6th month) in 1998 (8 represents 1998) and his was the 7th puppy (G is the 7th letter) of the litter to be tattoed. Therefore: 68G.  The left tattoo is made up of random numbers to mark the individual.

This is Cliff's official NGA registration certificate. All racing greyhounds are registered with the NGA (National Greyhound Association), as compared to the AKC or UKC. "Pet" scrawled across the certificate means he was released from racing to be adopted out:

Now we'll move on to Jack. This is Jack's NGA Registration Certificate. I dont' know why it wasn't cancelled out, but I only got a copy, not the original.:

If you notice something familiar about his pedigree... yes that's right, Jack's paternal grandsire is Clifford's father! I have two genuine My Rooster boys (okay let's me honest, so do thousands of other people thanks to the miracle of artificial insemination, but still- it feels kind of nice and cozy to have them related.) :o)

Jack's Bertillion is a bit more interesting than Clifford's because he has white tuxedo markings. I am still puzzled why he was registered as a "Brindle." Not that I'm a color expert, but he seems very Dark Brindle to me- much darker than other Brindles (and in case you are wondering, the NGA accepts greyhounds in several different shades of brindle: Black brindle, Dark Brindle, Brindle, Red Brindle, Light Brindle, Blue Brindle).

I didn't get a summary of Jack's racing with his adoption packet, but I found it somewhere on line before... I need to print that out.

And now onto Miss Lucy!!

Poor Lucy... her adoption group didn't provide me with an NGA certificate or Bertillion, so I don't have much on her at all. I did get a summary of her last few races though. As you can see, she also raced at Plainfield (PL). I'm pretty sure the "D" column means she raced at Grade D. Grade A is the fastest, most competitive grade, and I think Grade "J" is the slowest and least competitive (Jack retired racing Grade J, lol). Grade "M" is Maiden (or schooling) races.

I did have a nice surprise with Lucy, though. Like Jack, I was able to get in touch with her racing owner (although he didn't have a website or email). He wrote me a nice letter saying he was happy that she found a nice home, and that she got into a few scraps with other greyhounds during her time at the track. ROFL! Ah, Lucy, Lucy. Well, some things never change...

Lunch break is over. That's it for this exciting installment of Jen & the Greyhounds!



Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Do you know how to change the date on your posts? You can set them for in the future (I do that a lot so my posts are spaced out every couple of days) or if you started one a week ago and finish it today, you can update with today's date.

monica said...

...some numbers that confuse me to this day..

hi! Delurking to say that there was a thread on Greytalk (which I cannot for the life of me find to link to now) that explained those numbers: they're the post numbers -- where each dog was in the course of the race. I think it goes: first number, order out of the gate, the rest of the numbers are where they were at different points in the race. For example, Cliff's last race (8/18), he was 7th out of the gate, but made it to third place by the second and third posts, then fell back to sixth place at the fourth post.

Enjoying your blog! (we have a greyhound too!)