Monday, November 16, 2009

Building a Printing Press- Part 5

This past weekend I went to Mom and Dad's house and worked on my press... and finished it!! Here is Saturday's work: Building the Jack Ram cup and putting the assembly together.

  The Jack ram cup was formed from electrical socket junction box covers. This was basically taking a round, flat metal cover, bending the sides with a hammer, and cutting it down with a hacksaw. I used a dremel to get the cuts started (making grooves... boy, does the dremel on metal make sparks fly!). This is the final product... a bit misshapen, but it will work (I hope lol):

After I finished the jack ram cup... it was time to put the press together!

Here is the frame of the press....done! YAY!

Around 6 or so, my brother John arrived and we decided to call it quits for Game Night (we usually play Saturday nights). Guess who won Scrabble that night? Me!!! :o) Winning Scrabble is almost as satisfying as building the press, lol. So Saturday was a good day (well, despite my early-morning discovery of Lucy's toe, that is!).


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