Friday, November 13, 2009

Building a Printing Press- Part 4

Some photos from last Sunday... just got around to uploading them this morning before work. Sigh. The week has gotten away from me... and to be honest, I've just been lazy at night after work. I believe this has totally stemmed from my eating getting away from me... when you eat junk all day you just don't have the energy that you do eating a healthy, vegetarian diet. Twizzlers, cake, lattes, pop tarts and donuts give you great energy for a half hour, but after that... CRASH. Oh, but they are so delish... my sweet tooth (teeth) are out of control... need to rein myself in. I can hardly fit into my pants anymore! So bad! :o(

Anyway, on Sunday I worked exclusively on building the base of my new printing press. I drove over to Mom and Dad's, and they were out shopping, so I let myself in and decided to go to work myself. I hoped Dad wouldn't feel bad that I started without him, but was really excited to see if I could "do it myself" so to speak. And use all those power tools without cutting off a finger or something. :o)

First, the dogs and I went out into the big yard to play for about an hour. After that, I was able to haul their beds into the garage workshop and settle them in while I worked (without MUCH complaint, except from whiney-boy Cliff). Amos, Cliff's BFF, came down to join us but "Fatty McHumpleby", as I've taken to calling him, wouldn't stop sucking on Cliff's leg and trying to hump his shoulder, so I made him go back upstairs.

I first used Dad's drill press to make holes and attach brackets to the bottom 2x4 pieces...

I'm not as precise as Dad is, and so may have not measured as correctly as I should have. So I had to use his hand-held drill to go back in and make new holes for the brackets I mis-aligned.  Dad came in at this point, helped me fix my mistakes, and took some pictures of me working (man, is my hair really that God-awful orange? I hope it's the camera flash adding some of that florescent-ness). If you notice, I'm wearing SHORTS! We had an Indian Summer day on Sunday, and it got into the 70's!!! Crazy.

This is the bottom of the press (it's upside down). All finished... and I put it together almost all by myself! I love learning carpentry skills...

Here it is, right-side up. The brown MDF board is the press bed. I'm not sure I like the brown and gray together, so I might re-paint the gray at some point. My bottle jack is bright red, though, so maybe it will spruce it up!:

Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm going back over to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon and I'm really, really, REALLY hoping to get this baby finished. I want to use it!!  I'm working on several sketches at this point for new linocuts I'd like to get ready for my Etsy store for the holidays, and I need to design a Christmas card! I wasn't sure I was going to do them this year because of expenses (*coughLucyandClifford'svetbillscough*) but they are so fun and a great way to keep in touch and let family and friends know you are thinking of them.

So much to do!!


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Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!
oh how exciting!

i love the pictures of the pups and the press base!