Sunday, November 01, 2009

Building a Printing Press- Part 3

Spent today at Mom and Dad's house, hanging out with the dogs and working on the printing press (oh, and visiting with the parents and my friend Renee, too!). Dad showed me how to use a hacksaw to cut threaded steel and slotted steel bars (which will be used as the sides of the press). I used a metal file to smooth the ends and remove burs.

Of course, since it was ME doing the cutting and not Dad, all my pieces of threaded steel came out different lengths. :o( It won't matter too much, but kind of embarrassing. I measured and all.. what happened?? Oh well.

I also worked on getting the bottom parts of the press ready for assembly... priming, painting, etc. Fun stuff!
I'm hoping to get this baby finished within the next couple weekends or so-?!?


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Bridget said...

Jen - I am a little scared seeing the picture of you with the hacksaw!