Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sharpening my Pencils

Anyone out there participating in NaNoWriMo? You spend all of November writing a novel and if you hit 50,000 words then you get to, ah, say you "won." I tried it in 2006 and wrote one page, lol. I am hoping for better luck this year. :o)
I used to be a die-hard writer. I still have a plethora of books I wrote, starting in third grade... all the way up through college (and, I can say, I have ALWAYS written about dogs. Even in college, when all the cool and hip students were writing about relationships, love, deep existential thoughts- Nerdy Jen was still writing dog stories lol). One of my minors in college was actually Creative Writing. But the past 10 years since I graduated... plop. Nothing. Nope. This is going to get me back in the swing of things.
One of the Main Characters in the story is, of course, a greyhound. And art figures prominently too. I'll post more about my plot when I get it fleshed out. I spent most of my lunch hour at the college library (I work at a college) doing research for my plot. Ah, to be studying in a college library again... I miss being young (*sniff*).
And speaking of Writing...
OMG, I'm trying to re-write my artist's statement and it is kicking my butt. Many people who create (whether fine art, photography, crafting, etc) write a sort of "mission statement" about their work. This is posted on their website and/or exhibits and it's a great way to see inside the artist's mind. I love reading artist statements- why does a person paint what they do? What makes them sculpt a certain way, or fashion something the way they do? Really neat. My current statement incorporates a lot of good stuff, but it's gangly and awkward. I'm not sure it conveys everything I want. LuAnn Udell's blog has a lot of good articles on writing a statement, but even with all the help it's still hard to talk about yourself and your art. What it means. Man, I can talk your ear off about dogs, dog training, greyhounds, my greyhounds' diarrhea, my greyhounds eating each others vomit, etc etc... but my ART??? Hard.


Katka said...

What a great idea! Good luck to you; here's hoping you make it to 50,001 words.

I wanted to write a novel when I was 15. It was going to be set in the Deep South (about which I knew pretty much nothing) and was going to be full of seething passions, lust, and romance (about which I knew even less). Then I read "Gone With the Wind" and found out it'd already been done.

I have written lots of short stories though...

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!
i found a great book to help me write my artist statement...
i'd rather be in the studio by alyson stanfield.

it is a fabulous book for all artists.

:) melissa

luannudell said...

You know, Jen, I sat in on a class the other day & felt the same way!

The next time I do a workshop, I'm gonna take volunteers from the audience and do the exercises that have worked for me. (Though usually we never have that kind of time.)

Maybe this year I'll learn how to podcast--it would be fun to actually be able to listen to someone go through that process.

And just start SOMEWHERE. Send me a draft & I'll share my thoughts, okay?