Monday, October 19, 2009

Open for Business!

I finally re-opened my Etsy Store, woot! Included are a few of the pieces I made for the Greyhounds In Art show this year- the Artist's Proofs of each piece were matted and framed for the show, and these are editioned pieces being sold unmatted/unframed ("Escape by a Hare" still needs to go up, but I need to print more first!). Hope you enjoy. :o)

Things have been a bit crazy this week following Dewey. First of all, I'm building a new printing press (with my Dad's help) that was designed by Charles Morgan of Mossworks Studio. The hounds and I have been doing our best to get out, hike, and see the fall foliage before the trees become naked. I visited my college bud Carol in Ithaca, and then had a greyhound playdate with friend Renee, her hubby, and their hounds. And last but definitely not least (especially in terms of mental energy, lol), I've been re-designing my website.

MANY many thanks to all of you who sent happy thoughts into the atmosphere for my boy Cliff. After playing phone tag with his vet for the past, oh, 7 days, I finally got a hold of her this morning. I tried to focus and be as clear-headed as I could when talking to her (*don't you dare have an anxiety attack while on the phone, Jennifer!* lol). She didn't mention cancer at all, only saying that Cliff's panel was fine, normal liver and kidney values, but that his white blood cell counts and platelets were low. Not extraordinarily low, but a drop. I asked if it could be his pink canine tooth causing the WBC drop (perhaps a pulpitis infection), and she said that was possible and we might try a low dose of antibiotics. Cliff's immediate "problem" though is that his new NSAID pill for arthritis, Deramaxx, is causing him to have diarrhea. Before we get Cliff on antibiotics we want to clear that up first. Plan of action is dropping the Deramaxx (which I already did- stopped Saturday) and going to a bland diet for the next week. I'll slowly re-introduce the Deramaxx.

Because Cliff has lost 4 lbs., and I've been trying to fatten him up with anything and everything I can shovel into his mouth, I'm wondering if the diarrhea is from treats instead of the Deramaxx. I guess we'll see with the Bland Diet Experiment. Chicken and rice? He's going to love it lol! Much more fun than kibble.

Anyway, this whole conversation made me wonder about the LAST conversation I had with the vet, while I was getting ready to leave for Dewey. Why did she even mention cancer and scare me? Was I pushing her for "worst case scenarios" which is why she said it (which is totally possible)? Did I over-react and blow some little tidbit she said totally out of proportion (again, knowing myself that is totally possible)? Did she say other things but when I heard "cancer" I totally zoned and that's all I remembered afterwards? Or did she not say anything today because it STILL might be cancer but she doesn't want to worry me? Is she hiding something? Am I losing my marbles? Wait, don't answer that.

I have a bunch of great pics from this weekend that I'm going to try to get posted tonight- including the first stages of my new press! But for now lunch break at work is over and I need to get back to my mailing.



alex said...

I do that all the time- think of the things I should have asked the vet once I get home (or off the phone).
Treats are definitely the guilty party when it comes to Hero and his "Dairy Queen" movements...
Feel better soon Cliff
(your mom needs a break from worrying)

Marcina said...

Ask the vet for Tylan podwer and vegetable capsules. Fill the caps with about 1/8th of the Tylan powder and give 2x a day for the runs. Some hounds need this daily and it is cheap and safe.

I give it to my hound on the days he has to take his meds for the SLO nail disease. Clears the runs up fast!

All my tomorrows said...

Please have CLifford tested for a Tick Borne Disease - such as erlichia, babesia or Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever. EVERYTHING you've been describing about these symptoms and especially the WBC points to TBD.

The vet will need to draw blood and send it to Protatek in Arizona. A spin will not work.

TBD can lie dormant for years and then flare up in older age.