Friday, October 16, 2009

Hitting the "Jack-Pot" so to speak

That is probably the corniest pun in the world, but whatever. I have been very, very lucky. I found PUPPY PICTURES OF JACK!

I was never that lucky with Lucy or Clifford.

Adopting a greyhound is a wonderful experience. You are presented with a dog that you fall head over heels with. You get his/her NGA (National Greyhound Association) racing papers, the bertillion (the official paper that lists your dog's color, and any individual markings). Sometimes, if you are lucky, you get a read-out of your dog's last 10 races, including how they placed and comments about their running from the track. You can go online to Greyhound Data, an international racing database, and find your dog's pedigree and find their siblings. You can look up the siblings and see if they are still racing, up for adoption, or already placed in a group. Basically you can go ga-ga doing pedigree research, sibling searches, etc etc., especially if you pretend you are an amateur sleuth and are willing to do the digging.

When I took Jack in as a foster, I found his racing kennel's website and since then have been corresponding with his former owner. Not only that, I got in touch with the kennel where he was whelped and trained annnnnddd..... got puppy pictures!!!!

This is the Jackpot of Greyhound sleuthing... getting puppy pictures of your dog. I know, I know... lame. But it's true. Other Greyhound people can attest.

So... without further ado....

Jack's puppy photos!!!

Jack's litter as newborns. There were 3 boys in the litter (Jackhammer, Jet, Jumpin Johnny) and 3 girls (Jitterbug, Jenga and Jupiter):

As young'uns in their pen. Squeeeeee!!!

These are the 3 boys from the litter- Jackhammer, Jet, Jumpin Johnny. Maybe 4-5 months of age?? I'm assuming Johnny, who was registered as the darkest of the litter (black brindle) is on the left. Jack is the one in the middle with the huge smile on his face-- I could tell it was him the minute I saw the picture!

I know, I know-- utter cuteness! I could just plant a big ol' smooch right on all those kissers!


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I'm so jealous!!!

Hiking Hounds said...

That is so cool! What a cutey he was, great smile!