Monday, October 05, 2009

Finished Linocuts for the Show

Scanner is working today, yay! So instead of spending my lunch hour doing necessary personal stuff (aka paying my bills) I am uploading my finished artwork for this week's show. We are leaving for Delaware bright and early Thursday!

I am personally very happy with the way my pieces turned out- mostly because this year they will look COHESIVE. The past 2 years I've been invited to do the show, I've kind of been all over the place... some oil pastels, some color woodcuts, some 1-color woodcuts, etc etc. You'd look at my exhibit and think that three different people worked on it!

All of the Artist's Proofs are going down to Dewey, and later I will put the editions on Etsy (these are all un-numbered editions).

So without further adue (ado? adeui?)....

This is my donation piece, which will be part of a silent auction to raise money for the Greyhound Health and Wellness program at Ohio State University's Department of Veterinary Medicine:

"Escape by a Hare", 11 x 14 Linocut on blue Nepali Lokta paper

It's a little more illustrationy/caricaturey than I usually do, but Lucy is 13 and dreaming about chasing a rabbit, and things are never very realistic in your dreams. :)

"Untitled", 8 x 10 linocut on off-white Mulberry paper (Japanese)

I am still trying to think of a title for this piece!!! It is my favorite linocut of the show, maybe the favorite linocut I've ever done... so I want the title to be special. I have 48 more hours to come up with something (gulp) before I absolutely HAVE to frame and pack it. Think, brain, think!

"Stripes", 8 x 10 linocut on pale blue Nepali Lokta paper

This is my second favorite image, although I had a hard time working on the, uh, how to say this delicately- weiner. Greyhound, being smooth coated, have pretty prominent genitalia. I mean, you see it ALL- the nipples, the weiner, the coochie, it all hangs out there- and I'm kind of a prude (I have to admit, I've seen a few intact male show greyhounds and I was so embarrassed for them I almost felt bad). I struggled whether to leave Cliff's weiner in or out. In the end, lucky Clifford got to keep it in this piece lol. Next time he might not be so lucky! :)

"Snug", 8 x 10 linocut on mustard Nepali Lokta paper

My only brindle in the show! The model for this linocut was my friend Renee's beautiful girl Mercedes. After a playdate one Saturday she had nestled into a dog bed, forming the perfect little greyhound nugget.

"Far Afield", 8 x 10 linocut on green Nepali Lokta paper

I hike with my dogs a lot (as readers of this blog know!) which was the inspiration for this piece.
I thought the pale olivey-green paper worked perfectly with it!

"Contemplation", linocut on green Nepali Lokta paper

This is a small rectangular linocut and I'm still wondering how I'm going to cut a mat for something so odd-shaped. It won't fit a standard frame. I have a matt cutter, but I'm really bad at it... hmm.

"Birthday Girl", 8 x 10 linocut on Japanese Kitakata paper

Okay, I am realizing my show is kind of top-heavy with black greyhounds lol. I was actually working on this lincut on Lucy's birthday, thus the title of the piece, "Birthday Girl." It took two tries to get this... carving a graying/aging face so up-close is a bit difficult! And the Kitakata paper was hard to work with too- drank up a lot of ink. It's very delicate and lacy, though, which is nice (not as lacy as Kozo paper, though. Now THAT is lacy).

Well, that is it. Most are matted and framed, ready to be packed up and driven down to Delaware. I hope to blog again before I leave but if I don't, I'm bringing my computer. Will send news from the oceanside! :o)



Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Beautiful work! I hope your art show is a success. How about "Laid Back" for the untitled one? That is the first thing I thought of.


Funnelcloud Rachel said...

These are seriously gorgeous! I can't wait until they are up on Etsy - my checkbook (er, paypal account) is ready and waiting.

I especially love "Untitled", "Contemplation", and "Birthday Girl". Beautiful work!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

Forgot to mention - I think you portrayed Cliff's "weiner" very tastefully! That had me laughing out loud. (And if Cliff is anything like our guy, he certainly isn't modest about his weiner, anyway!) :)

Hiking Hounds said...

Wow, these are all really great! Thanks for sharing them.


Sarah said...

good luck...I think you should have named that one of Cliff "weiner"
ha, ha! :)

Annie B said...

Beautiful! Hope the show is a great success.

All my tomorrows said...

Wow. All of those are amazing.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!
oh my gosh!
all of your pieces are just breathtaking!

i am so excited for you!


Life at Star's Rest said...

I love them! Have a great time in Delaware and give everyone best wishes from me! Carmon

Katka said...

Excellent work, Jen. I love the contrasts you create through the use of line.
All the best for the show.

I'm Xan! I'm a person, I swear! said...

Jen, it was great to see you and your art in person again in Dewey. I hope you had nothing to take home! I'll probably be hitting you up for tips soon. *ahem* Be prepared! :)

Jen said...

Wow, thanks everyone! :o)


Jen said...
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