Sunday, October 04, 2009

"Contemplation"- a new linocut

A little linocut I was working on for the Greyhounds in Art Show coming up. I can't believe I'm leaving for Delaware in four days already!!!

Top photo shows the first block I attempted (and goofed up- I carved away from underneath the head too much!!) and the second, final block that came out the way I wanted (the bottom block). I used battleship gray linoleum and cut away all the negative space around the greyhound with scissors, lol. I am really finding I love battleship, much more than MDF or Golden Cut linoleum. When I initially started up printmaking in 2005 I started with an old piece of Battleship that was SO hard to cut- I didn't realize that linoleum hardens with age and therefore it's important to get your blocks from a reputable source- this turned me off. But I'm SO pleased with the battleship I got from Dick Blick a few months ago- when the battleship is "in its prime" it is SO nice to cut!

These linocuts are all being printed by hand instead of running them through my press. This means I ink the block, lay a piece of paper on top, and rub the back of the paper with a wooden spoon. This transfers the image to the paper. It's more labor-intensive than using the press and more frustrating too but I wanted to give it a try.

In the photo below, I'm using spring green Lokta paper from Nepal. I LOVE this stuff! I have been experimenting with several types of paper for this show: Kitakata (Japan), Mulberry (Japan), and Lokta (Nepal)- I like the Lokta best, Kitakata least. Mulberry rides comfortably in the middle lol.

Hopefully I'll be able to scan the finished print soon... the scanner at work is still on the fritz!



Sherrie Y said...

Hey Jen... this is a fun piece! Welcome to the fun world of spoon and/or baren printing. Press? What's a press? ;-)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!
oh your new greyhound carving is amazing! i love seeing your process!

i cannot wait to hear all about the show! so exciting!