Friday, October 30, 2009

Building a Printing Press- Part 2

On we go... more work on the printing press!

This is the piece of wood (well, actually 3 pieces glued/screwed together) that Dad and I worked on last week. I've primed it, and painted it gray with enamel paint.

Next step was to make the press bed, platen, and stiffner. Dad used his tablesaw to cut them out of 3/4" sheets of MDF into each piece (side note: Can you fit 3 greyhounds with attitudes, 1 testy human, and 2 huge sheets of MDF in a little Scion xB and then drive it to your parents' house, the longest 10 miles in your life?? Answer: Yes, but I don't recommend it!! LOL!).

Dad refused to let me use the tablesaw to cut the sheets of MDF. Apparently the time I accidentally ran my hand through the sewing machine will be held against me for life! Well, Dad cut the MDF beautifully, saving all 10 of my fingers from ruin. Afterwards, I brought them home and coated them with 2 layers of polyeurathane, which will keep any dampness from warping the boards. It will also (hopefully) make them easy to wipe clean if I get any ink on them. We had some beautiful, warm fall days during the week that made painting outdoors a delight!

Jack and Lucy (BFF's??) enjoyed napping in the yard while I worked. Clifford popped out of the house occassionally to check on us but spent most of the time eating grass along the fenceline and pee'ing on my brussel sprout plants. :oP

Part 3 will hopefully be coming this weekend!


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