Sunday, October 25, 2009

Building a Printing Press- Part 1

Last week, I roped Dad into helping me build a new printing press that was designed by Charles Morgan of Mossworks Studio. I wanted to do it myself, but I'm glad I asked Dad- he has real power tools and is a bit more, um, particular about getting measurements right, lines straight... you know how it goes. So even though I'm giving up a lot of construction control, I know it is going to be done right. :o) Dad is an expert in the woodworking/construction/all-around-fix-it field.

We spent several hours measuring and cutting 3 2x4's, glueing and screwing them together. They are going to form the top brace of the press. A bottle jack will be attached to this eventually.... that will be the mechanism that applies pressure and (hopefully) allows me to pull linocuts and woodcuts.

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Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!

oh my gosh! how exciting!

i cannot wait to see it all set up in your studio and all of the beautiful prints you create!

good for you!

you have a cool dad and family!