Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Library Corner....

A quick post on some books I recommend (highly, highly, highly!):

Many thanks to Katka at the Blue Chisel for recommending this fantastic book: Coaching the Artist Within. It's not just aimed at fine artists but also crafters, writers, musicians, screenwriters, etc. Wow, wow, wow. I'm only on chapter 2 but already blown away. The book is written by Eric Maisel, a creativity coach out of California. If you ever wonder about your creativity and what drives you, wonder if what you create has meaning, if your ideas are blocked, if you can't seem to find the time or energy... this book is SO inspiring. I went through a bad patch awhile ago with my color woodcuts and am now in a "better" place with some linocuts I'm working on, but still... I borrowed this book through Interlibary loan and HAVE to purchase my own copy.

So Saturday, after getting my Scion tuned in North Syracuse, I headed to Barnes and Noble and found this gorgeous book:

The Printmaking Bible... It has everything, everything, everything you want to know about every printmaking method out there- from the newer techniques to the older. There are artist profiles too which are great. It is all color, hooray! The only HUGE glaring ommission (that I can find so far) is that there is no section on Moku Hanga Woodcuts! How can a printmaking "bible" leave out Moku Hanga?!?!? Otherwise, definitely worth the $50.


Can I just add a SMALL ('small') grump about OH MY FREAKING GOD WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THIS MANGA CRAP???? It is overtaking the art section at the bookstore and library! I understand that some people enjoy drawing cartoons with an Asian-style flavor, I really do. Goodie for anyone who wants to draw, no matter what floats your boat. But... really? Whole collections of manga??? I even saw a book at B&N called "How to Draw Erotic Manga" or something to that effect. Of course I picked it up and rifled through it (trying to hide the cover from the guy browsing next to me, LOL). What wierd stuff! One whole section dealt with drawing high school manga students in cheerleader/football/sports uniforms banging each other. Another section was drawing naked girls with huge bazookas riding dragons or wearing elf costumes (with their bazooka's popping out, or in compromising positions with naked manga elf boys). It kind of seems like cartoon child porn. I really don't get it. I mean- do people really get off on this stuff? Holy crow.*end of grump*



Katka said...

You and I seem to be on the same page as far as books go. I was in the bookstore last week, looking at the "Printmaking Bible", trying to decide if I should spend the money. They only had one copy and it was a bit banged up so in the end I walked away without it.
But I'm still thinking about it so it's only a matter of time before I order it on line.

James said...

Hullo, J. Z.

I came across your blog while searching for an AT thruhiker with a similar first name.

I agree with your discomfort about Manga Mania. Seems like obsessive behavior to me.

dubya x 3 thruhike daht calm

I like your art, energy and honesty!