Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucy!

I can't believe it. Today, September 13, my beautiful girl Lucy turns 13 years young!! Thirteen! Where did time go?

I will never forget the day I adopted Lucy- Easter, 2001. I was living in Brooklyn and a friend from church drove me out to New Jersey to pick her up, since I didn't have a car. PW's Dixiesquick, black tuxedo female, retired from Plainfield Greyhound Park at almost 5 years old. It took Lucy a good half-year to warm up to me, to finally play with a toy. To this day she still holds her cards pretty close to her chest and isn't very demonstrative. I can't count the times she's frustrated me, bit other dogs, and resisted all attempts at any sort of socialization. There have been times I've wanted to kill her and I'm sure she's wanted to kill me. But boy oh boy, what a girl she is. We have gone through so much together- September 11, an American Airlines plane that crashed only a few miles from our house just after 9/11, our move from the city back to upstate NY, the purchase of our first home. Lucy has been there all the way.

I look forward to many more years with my special, special girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PW'S DIXIESQUICK!!!!



alex said...

A belated Happy Birthday to ROO!
13 on the 13th (Sounds lucky to me) I hope you bought your lottery ticket!

Hiking Hounds said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! You are aging so well. Must be all that yummy peanut butter! :-)


Dave McGurgan said...

Happy birthday Lucy!