Monday, September 28, 2009

Despite the Rain...

Well, despite the rain on Sunday, we ended up having a great weekend. On Saturday, Lucy accompanied me on errands and then had a spa treatment (massage, grooming with the hound glove-which she loves- and then some lavendar calming agent massaged into her fur. Mmm). Clifford, Jack and I went hiking at Green Lakes State Park and then visited Bridget. We also went to the pet supply store for Dick Van Patten Natural Balance, and Clifford almost ate an $800 parrot. Ugh. Sunday we napped and then I carved some blocks, printed and finished my exhibit for the upcoming Greyhounds in Art show! Woot. Now comes the matting and framing- the part I hate. :oP

Pics to come when I get home- currently on lunch break at the office.

In other news:

  • I am building a new printing press. Well, I'm in the materials-gathering stage right now, but plan to commence building right after Dewey. Charles Morgan was kind enough to send me new, updated plans on building a Bottle Jack press- something that even a low-tech person like me can accomplish- and I'm very excited.
  • I was reading Luann Udell's art blog the other day and she had a post about banners- you know, the identifying headers at the top of your blog, website, Etsy store- how important they are for your art business. It again made me realize that I need to update my website and give that, my blog, and my Etsy store a fresh look. I've been pondering this for awhile now but it just kind of gives me momentum to DO IT.
  • I had another few bullet points but cannot remember them. Sigh.

Well... anyway... stay tuned for photos.


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Katka said...

I know it's hard not to get tired of our own stuff sometimes but I always thought your banners here and on your site were great.

Wow, a new press! Are you planning to make it bigger than the one you have now?