Monday, August 10, 2009

Visit with Carol, Sam and Coco!

On Saturday, I was so surprised when my college friend Carol, her partner Sam, and their beautiful lab Coco stopped in for a visit! It was so great to see them! We had a great time playing with the dogs out in the yard, and then off to lunch at Connie's. Coco was a blast- what a great pup! She showed off her great frisbee skills and enjoyed splashing in Lucy and Cliff's unused pool, lol.
Clifford followed Coco around the yard as she fetched, with a very strange look on his face the whole time! He tried desperately to goad her into sprinting at first (so he could race her) but Coco only had eyes for her frisbee. The fact that she wouldn't race with him at all seemed to frustrate him, lol. Or maybe he was just really surprised that she would carry a bendable piece of plastic around in her mouth? I wish I knew what he was thinking in that big fawn head of his-!

Lucy made a brief appearance during the visit. She came out, gave Clifford and Coco a wide bearth, barked at our neighbor's newly adopted Golden retriever, then went back inside. She is not the most social butterfly!

An enjoyable afternoon was had by all!


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