Saturday, August 29, 2009

Visit to Mom and Dad's House

Sunday afternoon I packed Lucy, Clifford and Jack in the Scion and headed off to Mom and Dad's, to introduce Jack to the pugs. I was unsure if all 3 hounds would fit in the car but they did! Go Scion!

Jack was great with the pugs although I kept him muzzled most of the time, just in case. I didn't want him to see Amos or Benny sprinting across the yard and suddenly think they were Ollie*, lol. I also kept him on leash for a bit, and walked him around the perimeter of the yard a few times before feeling comfy letting him off-leash. Mom and Dad have a half-acre and it is securely fenced, but the fence is a bit lower than mine (we call it a "Pug Fence") and I wanted to be sure Jack wouldn't challenge it. He didn't, and didn't seem remotely inclined, so I finally took him off to romp with everyone but kept a very vigilant watch, especially around the pugs.

Miss Alice, who is blind, doesn't "romp" but enjoys spending time on the deck. Look at her little front toofy, lol!! She's so cute but unfortunately has begun pigging on her feces again. Yum.

Cliff, aka "The Mouth of the South", with boyfriend Amos...

Hee hee. My, what big teeth you have-!

Jack, Mom, Lucy and Alice. I am proud to say that Lucy has gained a few pounds and doesn't look so emaciated anymore! I bought a slew of canned foods for her to try- from Innova and Wellness to Kibbles N'Bits-- the whole gamut of quality. Out of all the choices, she positively loved the canned Science Diet, which I have to admit, had/has me a bit miffed. I wish she would have picked a higher quality food- I am NOT a fan of SD- it has a lot of filler. But if she eats it, she eats it. I would buy her caviar at this point, just to get her to eat! Clifford picked DVP's Natural Balance canned, so he gets that added to his kibble and has also gained some weight. In fact, I had to let his harness out a bit to fit around his girth. YEAH! It is so satisfying to finally have dogs that EAT EVERY MEAL. They are both looking great and I am so happy.

Mom and Amos... I love this picture! So cute. And I love mom's new glasses. :o)

We then put the pugs inside so I could take Jack's muzzle off and play fetch. Wendy, our adoption group rep, said that he had shown some apptitude for it but I've had only so-so luck with him at my house. He did show some interest, though, when I took Benny's rubber football and creamed it across the yard with a tennis racket, lol. Twice was enough, and then he lost interest and wandered off. I'm not surprised- he is the most clueless, mule-ish, stubborn, A.D.D., unresponsive, unfocused animal I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Getting him to do something TWICE seems like a big achievement in my book. Go Jack, you little imp!

* The lures that greyhounds chase at the racetrack usually have nicknames. At Plainfield it was "Ollie" but I've heard many other tracks call theirs "Swifty." The last thing you want is for your greyhound to be playing with other dogs and suddenly target one as an Ollie! Since Jack is pretty fresh off the track I'm trying to be especially careful.


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi jen!
oh what a great day! i love seeing the hounds and puggies together!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Cute pics of Cliff. Too bad you can't muzzle a poop-eating-pug like you can a greyhound.

That is disappointing that Lucy picked SD of all brands... LOL :-). Not sure if this is helpful, but when I was doing kibble research, Blue Buffalo Lamb & Rice and Evo (chicken) were both over 500 calories per cup. So if you need something she can eat less of, you might see if she likes those.