Monday, August 03, 2009


Well, this is a quick update on Lucy and her occassional heavy breathing problems. On Friday, she went to the vet and I have to say, I wasn't very satisfied. I wanted a definitive diagnosis of her heavy breathing (She gets heaving sometimes, but only on walks during the heat or after laying in the sun), and all I got was an "it could be this or this or this." Too many choices!! I guess that's the way it goes. We did do a full geriatric blood panel which cost almost as much money as my car. Of course, I was a nervous wreck about it all weekend and called first thing today to get the results, and initially her bloodwork is great except her T4 is very low, .4. Greyhounds normally have low T4, but .4 is even low for a greyhound I think. This could mean she is hypothyroid and the another blood test result (which should be here by Thursday) will confirm. I think that is called an fT4 by dialysis or somethign like that. Hypothyroid could explain her cranky-ness and hair loss, but hypothyroid dogs tend to be overweight. So that doesn't match.
Lucy's lungs sound very clear (thank God!) but the vet thought she may have detected an additional heartbeat. She kept listening and didn't hear it again though. The vet suggested x-rays of Lucy's chest and an EKG to detect any masses or heart problems, but I'm nervous to put her under. She seems so fragile to me, like a piece of china. And greyhounds are sensitive to anesthesia anyway... I don't know what to do. If she did have a mass or heart problems, wouldn't her heavy breathing happen ALL the time, and not just when it is really hot out?
Lucy also lost another 3 lbs. since her last visit 6 months ago. That means she is now down about 10 lbs. from her "pet weight" of 63 lbs., her racing weight was 53 and she's now 52! I can't get this dog to eat ANYTHING! She picks. Or she'll eat one meal of it, and not do any leftovers. Meat is out of the question- she hates meat,- venison, turkey, turkery burger, hamburger, steak, pork-even fast food meat from McD's (what dog hates that??). She hates eggs. She hates pasta, bread, fruits, vegetables, fish of any kind (including tuna), marinara sauce, and canned soup. I've tried everything from high end dog food brands (Innova Evo) down to the crappiest brands (Kibbles n' Bits). She's always been a picky S.O.B., but now she's losing weight like crazy and at her age, that isn't good. The only thing she'll consistantly eat is: Saltine crackers and dog biscuits. She loves peanut butter too, but not when I mix it in her food. Only plain. She seemed to like Little Cesear's dog food for awhile (I can't tell you how I dread buying her such crappy food!) but snubbs it now.
Clifford seems to be getting pickier too. Old age finicky-ness? He fell twice this week at my parents' house, just lost control of his back legs and didn't have the strength to pull himself up. This is happening a lot now with his back end. What is going on here? :o(
No art to update you on. I spent the whole weekend on the couch, too depressed to do anything but stare at the wall. I did go out to dinner Saturday night to say goodbye to Tracy- she left for Florida- I can't believe she is really gone. And I roused myself to go to my parent's house to play "sorry" with my parents and brother John. They tried to teach me pitch too but it was too complicated. They are getting the house ready to put up for sale. Other than that, I did absolutely nothing.


Sarah said...

oh Jen....where are your parents moving to? I am sorry that the dogs aren't doing well...they are so lucky to have you!

Hiking Hounds said...

Sorry Lucy and Clifford are having some trouble. It's so, so hard when they get older and your not sure what's going on with them. Zephyr is an extremely picky eater too. One thing that works for him sometimes is putting salmon oil on his food, and sometimes I'll just put a little in a dish for him. Maybe as it cools off that will help. I hope they do well!