Thursday, August 27, 2009


Jack is settling into his new foster home pretty well! He really is a joy, even though I've had my moments of wanting to strangle him (he is, after all, a teenager. And a very stubborn and bullheaded one at that!). It is SO different having a 2 year-old, compared to an 11- and 12- year old... wow. I love Jack's vivaciousness, but it makes me sad to see his... youth, and vitality... next to Lucy and Clifford, who are creaky with arthritis and sway-backed with age. My poor Lucy and Cliff. Not that long ago they were also active, healthy, and full of vitality. Where did time go? Why does time do that to them? (*sniff*)

Surprisingly, Lucy tolerates Jack much more than I thought she would. She has even playbowed to him a few times! Clifford, on the other hand, is having some jealousy issues and enjoys bullying Jack more than appropriate. I can't tell if he's being a genuine asshole or if that's his way of trying to play?

I have been trying to pamper Cliff and give him more attention to placate his jealousy. Oh Cliffie, you know you are my favorite boy hound!!!

Jack seems to be a really nice grey (of course all greyhounds are nice, but still!). He love people and is a real tail-wagger. But his favorite thing of all are WALKS- he is a mini-Cliff. Hanging out in the backyard is no fun for him- he wants to go, go, go and explore the world! Cliff is the same way but unlike Clifford, Jack doesn't mind stopping and meeting people along the way. In fact, he relishes saying hello to people. I bet he will make a great therapy dog and/or meet and greet dog!

Jack has been sleeping through the night very well, but having some separation anxiety during the day when I leave (neighbors report howling- oh no!). He hasn't had any accidents inside but had some problems with our stairs (going up to the second floor). This morning he walked down half the stairs and then jumped the rest of the way, and strained himself. Oye. he has some learning to do...

Stubborness is Jack's middle name. I have never seen -or lived with- such a bullheaded dog in my life. Just one example: Our before-bed potty outing to the backyard. He doesn't want to go. Ever. I try to get excited, clap my hands, etc. to get him off the dog bed (or away from the front door, where he usually sits in hopes of a walk) to go outside. I use baby talk, tug on his collar, order sternly. He rolls over on his back and paws at me with a soft, pleading look on his kisser but still won't get up. I cajole, threaten, and order. He doesn't move. I physically haul his butt up to a standing position which immediately turns to jello and collapses as soon as I let go. I physically pull his front legs up and he lets himself fall over sideways like a ragdoll. I jiggle the dog bed back and forth. He doesn't care. I herd Lucy and Cliff outside and leave him all alone. He still won't get up. I offer cookies. No. I make high-pitched rabbit noises. Nope. And after jumping through hoops for a good 10 minutes, I end up grabbing his collar and sliding him across the linoleum floor on his backside until he decides to finally clamber to his feet right before the stair. As usual, I try to direct him to the back of the backyard but, as usual, he tries to evade me and lift his leg on my patio furniture instead (omigod, how many times do I have to tell you 'no'??).

On one hand I find the stubborn-ness kind of amusing. On the other hand, it is really irritating. :oP

He is also stubborn about the bolster bed that is right next to my bed. He wants to sleep in THAT bed, not his bed (which is 3 feet away at my feet, and is a plain dog bed). The Bolster Bed is traditionally Cliff's spot at night, and Lucy sleeps next to me on the "human bed." Jack will try over and over to squeeze next to whatever dog is in the bolster bed. And I will remove him over and over, and put him on HIS bed. It is a struggle every night- over and over. What a stubborn mule! He won't accept the fact that the Bolster Bed is Lucy's and Cliff's, lol.

He's lucky he is so cute! Not as cute as Lucy and Clifford, of course, but close. :o)


P.S.- Jack came from "Fast Forward Kennels" (his racing name is FF Jackhammer) and I happened to find their website on the internet! Here it is. The "Latest News" page hasn't been updated in a few months, but Jack is mentioned on there a few times, as are his littermates (they all have "J" names). How exciting!!

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Angela said...

Wow - you definitely have one truly stubborn pup on your hands!!! Hopefully, he will figure out the routine soon and not fight it so much...I think the boys do learn a little slower though :) Good luck!