Friday, August 28, 2009

Jackhammer on the Internet!

So I'm sitting her at lunch sipping my canned soup and munching leftover cake, and googling Jack on, well, Google. I LOVE greyhound ancestry research- unfortunately I was never able to find much on Cliff and Lucy. I think it was because they raced at lower end tracks, and didn't come from big kennels. No pictures of their sire and dam anywhere to be found. :o( But Jackhammer... ah ha! The other day I found Jack's kennel website (Fast Forward Greyhounds) but TODAY I found videos of Jack racing!! Holy cow!

FF Jackhammer Races

If you click on each date, you can watch the race (be sure to note which post Jack ran from so you can keep your eye on his colored silk!) :o)

Jack ran 9 races in Florida (Palm Beach), three schooling (?) races, and the rest Grade "J" which is a pretty slow grade. No wonder he retired at 2! Lucy ran grade A, the fastest grade. However Lucy raced at Plainfield (CT), which I think is a lower-end track than Palm Beach? And she raced until she was 5- I ordered several of her races on VHS the year I adopted her- and treasure seeing her fly around the track and WIN, time after time!!! I don't remember with Clifford. He went between 3 tracks in CT, MA, and NH, but retired at 3 1/2. I think he raced Grade C or B- I will have to look at the stuff I scraped up on him when I first adopted him. Unfortunately I never ordered VHS's of him racing, and by now I'm sure the tracks re-used the tapes. They usually only keep races a year after they occur.

I know this is totally stupid, but as I was watching Jack race around the track... I felt so SO sorry for him. Not because he was a racing hound but because he was trying SO hard but kept losing SO badly. I'm positive the dogs don't care, but I just want to leave work ASAP, run home, throw my arms around him and tell him "it's okay you lost so much, I love you anyway!!!" Lap after lap, he was obviously giving his all, and yet it wasn't enough. The official comments about him on each race are heartbreaking: "Much Trouble Early", "Bumped First Turn", "Collided Early", "Lost Ground." He's like the freaking George Costanza of greyhounds!


TGIF. Can't wait for the weekend. Tomorrow Cliff, Jack and I are going to go hiking and hopefully see mi amiga Kelly in the afternoon! And I have a PILE of books that I ordered from the library, that came in. A few are by Patricia McConnell Ph.D., a pretty famous (and awesome, from what I've heard) animal behaviorist and dog trainer. Can't wait to eat them up.

Later gaters.



Hiking Hounds said...

What a cutie Jack is. I hope it all works out and he can join your family.

Bridget said...

Look at them races, he just won't give up. What a good boy!

Sarah said...

oh my gosh you crack me up! I love it. the George Costanza of racing! although I am guessing good old George would have given up after the first race...:) and then his mother would have yelled at him.... :)