Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fish Creek Paddle

One evening I borrowed Dad's kayak (we had to return the one I rented for myself) and I paddled up Fish Creek while Mom and Dad watched Lucy and Clifford and hung out at the campsite. Because it was dinnertime at the campground, I had the creek mostly to myself. It was serene and very peaceful.

One of the most exciting things I saw was at Round Pond, which is just off Fish Creek. A loon and her baby!!! I was able to paddle within 15 feet and used my telephoto lens to get some great shots. Mom and Dad said they also saw a loon and her baby nearby, at Follensby Clear Pond, which they had paddled before I arrived. I wonder if it is common for loons to only have one baby?

Another treat I saw along Fish Creek... a juvenile Great Blue Heron. I've seen quite a few adults in my time, but never a juvenile. Instead of the distinct markings on the head, his face and torso were almost all grey and kind of shaggy, which indicated a youngster (at least, according to my bird book!).

I also saw a small flock of Black Ducks. They came right up to me and followed my kayak for awhile, begging for food. When I didn't give them anything, they went off on their merry way back down the creek, towards the campground lol.

And look at this fellow!! S/he was SO shy, and very small. What the heck is it? It kept diving under the water and eventually I never saw it again. At first I thought it was a tiny duck, but Dad looked at the photo on my camera LCD screen and noticed the beak wasn't duck-like. I then thought a juvenile red-throated loon, but the head is so... striped. I then thought maybe a grebe of some sort, but can't find a grebe with a stiped head. Any ideas?

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runswithdog said...

I *think* one or two babies are common for loons. I do know that they commonly only nest one pair to a lake. And only on certain size lakes. They need a large area for take off so they can't nest on the smaller lakes. I think they also spend their winters on the ocean! Loons are amazing birds. How great that you got to see them so close up!