Sunday, August 23, 2009


It has been a fun week~! Lucy, Clifford and I just got back from a 3-day camping trip up to Fish Creek campgrounds in the Northwest Adirondack Mountains. We shared the campsite with my parents and their 3 pugs Nightmare Alice, Amos, and Benny. The weather was warm, rained a bit (of course!), campground was packed with peeps, and we saw lots of cool wildlife. One day was spent on a Kayak trip with my parents through the St. Regis Canoe area up near Paul Smiths College. The dogs enjoyed our hiking outings and taking walks around the campground, although Lucy was having some breathing issues again because of the humidity, so her walks were very short. On our travels we visited the famous Old Forge Hardware store (the greyhounds were a hit!), Raquette Lake and Raquette River, The Paul Smiths Interpretive Center, and the village of Saranac Lake.

Clifford, Amos and I took long walks around the campground. It was fun borrowing Clifford's "boyfriend" from my parents and going out with him. He just adores Cliff (not sure the feeling is mutual, lol) and as a young 3 year old, he was more than excited to go out with us. On our first day we took a REALLY long campground walk and then started up the Otter Hollow Trail, which starts around campsite 104 (we were at 69). Then we came back and it was so warm, we decided to go in the lake! My parents came in with us. Cliff came right out into the deep water and lay down to cool off. We were so excited when Amos braved the lake to follow him out! He even SWAM when the water got too deep for him! We were so proud. I wish I had my camera out with me. As we hung out in the water, we enjoyed watching some kids and their lab swimming at the site next to us. The lab was SO awesome in the water and Clifford seemed stunned and blown away to see him galloping into the water and throwing himself in the waves to fetch a stick!

One of my fave things to do at campgrounds is to walk around and check out all the campers and see who brought their pups. As usual, we saw a TON of labs and golden retrievers. The most -rare- dogs we saw were a German Shorthair Pointer and either a German Wirehair Pointer or a Wirehair Pointing Griffon (not sure which it was-I THINK it was a Griffon). There was also a red merle Australian Shepherd which was absolutely stunning.

Anyway... more pics to come!


More pics to come!

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