Monday, July 06, 2009

Trip to Northwest PA- First Leg at Montezuma NWR

Whew! The pups and I are just back from a long weekend camping trip in Northwestern PA, right outside the Allegheny National Forest. I had a mini-reunion with a bunch of friends from college who couldn't make the official Reunion in NY a few weeks ago. Our hostess, my friend Sarah H., is a naturalist/Audubon Center guru who was kind enough to host our gathering at her awesome house in the country right outside the forest. We had so much fun!

Our first stop along the drive down was Montezuma NWR, which is only about 20 minutes from my house. I just wanted to drive through on the way to the Thruway. We only saw a few birds but the carp were still flooding the Seneca River, trying to get into the Refuge, and the wildflowers were out which gave the place spectacular color.

We finally saw birds on those huge, huge nests near Rt. 5! Osprey.

And an unidentified song bird I saw. There were tons of Red Winged blackbirds around, maybe this was a juvenille?

Next potty stop on our way to PA: Letchworth State Park, considered the "Grand Canyon of the East."


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