Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trail to Shallow Lake from Brown Tract Pond

One of my longer (3 mile roundtrip-ish) hikes with Clifford originated from Brown Tract Pond, a bit north of our campsite, kind of in the Raquette Lake area. Lucy slept in the car while Cliff and I went out.

It was a beatiful hike, with the forest very... magical. I know I've said that before but the gray trees, with moss-covered forest floors... absolutely amazing. The first part of the hike was from Campsite #69 at Brown Tract along the pond, through boreal forest, and then we hit the Middle Earth-ish forests, and then the trail flooded out at a bog and we couldn't go any farther.

So we never got to Shallow Lake, but the journey was worth it!


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