Monday, July 06, 2009

Second Leg of the Trip-Letchworth State Park

Our second stop on the way was Letchworth State Park in Western NY, considered the "Grand Canyon of the East." It certainly was beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice. And I didn't stop at all the beautiful overlooks in the 15 mile long park because I was hunting for a short trail to walk the dogs and frankly sick of driving through a 15-mile park at 30 MPH. I think I would love to camp at this park for a week to truly explore all the areas and enjoy it, but I would need young and energetic dogs to do it!

There are maybe 11? trails at the park, and I found one that was about a mile long. Cliff did great and so did Lucy, once I put on her orthopedic shoes (TheraPaws). Both dogs' corns have come back on their back right paws!!! Cliff doesn't let his bother him much (it's easy to hull out) but Lucy is SO SENSITIVE with hers and really has walking problems. The shoes made walking comfy for her.

We saw so many deer! I mean... we must have saw ten different deer. On the sides of the road, in the woods while we walked. I'm surprised at how shy they were, considering it was a state park and a popular one at that.

Next stop: Allegheny Mountains and Sarah's house!!


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