Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kayaking at Stillwater Reservoir and Moose River

Friday afternoon, I rented a kayak and went out with Mom and Dad. First we went to Stillwater Reservoir which was at the end of an unending dirt road, LOL. The reservoir is huge so we only explored the southwest area, going to a "bone yard" of driftwood on one of the islands. Unfortunately the water was really high, so most of the wood was underwater. Mom and Dad said that when the water is lower, there is like an acre or 2 of driftwood "bones", white as ghosts, laying outside the forest.

Scenes from the trip:

After Stillwater we had a few hours left on my rental, so we went to the Moose River on southern edge of Old Forge. It started pouring rain (of course!) so my pictures are all very drab. But in real life (not photograph life) the skies were SO GREY and the grass and foliage was SO GREEN and it was just beautiful.

I enjoy kayaking a lot. You see things from a totally different view than when hiking. I only wish I could do it with my dogs... then I would certainly invest in a kayak! But until I can find one that fits 2 greyhounds, I'll be sticking to walking shoes. :o)


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Katka said...

Looks like an awesome place! Beatiful pictures and I really envy the kayak trip.

Lots of fodder there for new prints right?