Monday, July 06, 2009

Fourth of July in Pennsylvania

It took all day (with our stops at Montezuma and Letchworth) to get to western Pennsylvania and settle in. Our mini-reunion was SO MUCH FUN! It was great getting to see everyone again, catch up, see Sarah H.'s cool house, collect fossils in the creek across from her house, chat, meet husbands and kids. Although it threatened to rain Friday and was freezing Saturday night (low 40's- good thing I brough the dogs' pajamas!), it was perfect camping weather otherwise. Carol and her partner camped in the front yard with me; Sarah, Carolyn and family and Kelly S. and family stayed in Sarah's house, and Amy and her family stayed in a local hotel (husband is allergic to cats, and Sarah has 4, plus some feral cats she is taking care of).
It was so nice seeing everyone. I hadn't seen Amy since graduation 10 years ago. And although"see" Sarah and Carolyn on Facebook, I haven't seen them "in person" since our 5 Year College Reunion 5 years ago. I saw Carol at our College Reunion a few weeks ago, but of course it is always great to see her again. She and her partner live in Ithaca, only about an hour from me... I really should see her more often!

Our tents in the front yard: Carol said her idea of "roughing it" is a Motel 8, so we were very proud of her for tent camping LOL!

Carol and a really cool board game she brought... the board was really beautiful. Smile, Carol! :o)

Four kids in total came. Everyone knows I'm not a kid person at ALL, but Cassie, Sonja, Ian and Ryan were so good. And they were all so respectful with the dogs (Lucy and Cliff, and Carol brought lab Coco).

Our "Hostess with the Mostess" Sarah H., holding one of her cats (Baker) and Carolyn's youngest daughter Sonya:

Sarah gave Cassie (Carolyn's oldest daughter) and myself a nature lesson up in the hills above her house. Working at a local Audubon center, Sarah knows a LOT. It was great to search for snakes with her, and hear about the local wildflowers, birds etc.

Sarah let me tag along on her animal duties Friday morning, while Lucy and Clifford were still sleeping. She has 13 chickens (including a few roosters who woke us up every morning at 6:30 by crowing incessantly lol), 4 indoor cats, a few turtles, 2 tanks of Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, several snakes, a tank of 4 exotic frogs from Africa, plus she feeds the birds outside her house so I was treated to seeing some Rose Breasked Grosbeaks! Never seen them before. And I just loved her chickens. They were beautiful. Loved, loved, loved them.

The creek across from her house had so many rocks embedded with fossils! It was WAY cool.I just love collecting rocks and fossils, and Sarah said we could take as many as we want, so I took a few for my own collection. Someday I will post photos of all my rocks, lol.

Evenings in the ex-pen while the humans hung out and chatted. Sonya is used to Border collies, so I'm sure she wasn't used to Lucy and Clifford's laziness LOL!

Coco, Carol and Sam's lab, was the other dog in attendance. Coco is of course a water and ball fanatic. She showed off her mad skills with the frisbee several times. I am so jealous of dogs that can be off-leash to play and hike freely! But you just can't do that with greyhounds. Coco was so smart and well-behaved, and stayed with her humans the whole time (even while unleashed). And she ignored Lucy and Cliff which was really great, because Lucy doesn't like other dogs.

And an obligatory group photo! Back row: Coco (well, Coco's butt), Sarah H., Kelly S., and Carol. Front row: Amy M. with son Ryan, Carolyn with daughter Cassie, and me with Clifford and Lucy.

We've all agreed to do this every two years, so here's to 2011! :o)


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