Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The First Ladies- Woodcut

A few months ago I posted about a woodcut I was working on (here and here, if you want to go back) that was based on my friend Sarah's pets- specifically, her rescued rabbit (which she succesfully trained and rehomed) and four hens that she named after the First Ladies. They liked to play together in the garden. Too cute, right? Well I realize I never posted the final piece!! And seeing that Sarah is having a baby shower this weekend for her first baby, I decided I'd better a) post the prints, and b) matte and frame one of them for her! (Sorry if you read this Sarah, it is a bit of a spoiler lol!).

These were printed on Lama Li Lokta paper (Sunshine Yellow, Lagoon Blue, and Spring Green respectively), which is a paper made in Nepal using sustainable techniques that benefit the environment. The colors I bought WERE bright, but they are looking almost florescent on my computer screen LOL. In reality, the paper isn't that garish... it is bright, but not garish. :o) I think the scanner went a bit haywire with the saturation. Oh well.

Anyway, I think the woodcut came out great (for once I have a good print lol), and I hope Sarah likes it!

I'm making something else for the baby too, but it's not finished yet. When it is done (and if it comes out well enough to give as a gift) I will post it. :o)


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Carrie said...

Oh, they are beautiful! She is going to love them, I'm sure!