Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ferd's Bog

Ferd's Bog is a nice little trail that leads through a magical forest of trees covered in lichen, then out to a bog. It's like a quarter of a mile too, so I deemed it okay for Lucy (I've letterboxed here before, so I kind of remembered the site). Unfortunately I forgot that it was a bit hilly, which was hard for Lucy, so we stopped several times to let her catch her breath on the hills. But otherwise, she did great. Cliff, of course, was just happy-happy-joy-joy to be out walking!

Saw these birds on the sides of trees while going through the forest... the only thing I can come up with is a juvenile sapsucker. Anyone have other ideas?? Besides them, I heard some robins but nothing else I recognized.

I saw some other birds on our camping trip too, that made it into my birding log book (yeah, I now keep a notebook of all the new birds I see, does that mean I am an official bird nerd?): what I think was a white-breasted nuthatch, LOTS of Hairy Woodpeckers, some blue jays (which surprised me), sparrows, etc. We also saw a whitetail deer wander through the 8th Lake campgrounds, several brownish-orange bumpy-skinned toads, and an Adirondack Black Bear!!! Can you believe it???

Yeah, wouldn't I *LOVE* to see a real Adirondack Black bear, but this is the closest I got. An inflatable at the campground lol. Maybe next trip?


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Sarah said...

you are officially a birder...that bird log you have started is called a life list by the way. Josh has one too, he got a really cool book that has you log the time, place and date of each bird sighting. he got it at the lab of ornithology (sapsucker woods) at Cornell. Have you been there? you would love it!