Thursday, July 09, 2009

And Here I Go Again on my Own...

... That's a Whitesnake song from the mid '80's, if you didn't know (how could you NOT, though, it is one of the best songs in the world!!). Anyway, last night I went to see Whitesnake and Judas Priest with my friend Trace and her husband. It was a great show and we had really good seats!!! Canandaigua PAC is a really nice venue, too.

The music was, of course, amazing. David Coverdale, the lead singer, is as good as ever. I've never heard Judas Priest before so I can't speak to them, but they seemed to put on a very lively show. There was one guy in front of us who provided much entertainment- mid 50's, normal kind of Average Joe, and was wearing a REALLY SHRUNKEN Whitesnake shirt from the '84 "Slide it In" tour. It was so tight on him, you could see every knob in his spine practically. Anyway, this guy was just pumped and was jumping up and down, running down the aisle, playing air guitar, etc. the whole time. It was hysterical. Drunk as a skunk. Not us. We were sober and enjoyed the whole thing al fresco.

Second most amusing thing besides Drunk Air Guitar Guy: Judas Priest played "Diamonds and Rust", a ballad by Joan Baez written shortly after her breakup with Bob Dylan in the ... 60's? '70's?. Judas Priests' rendition was pretty good (if not a bit hard) and almost as good as Joan's but in a very different way. Joan is, of course, a folk singer so there were more delicate parts of the song that were lost in the JP screaming and electric guitars. But I could almost sing along, and it was a pleasant surprise to hear such a great song in such a ... different... interpretation.
But as great as the concert was, it was also kind of devestating to me in a way, because Trace and Andrew are moving across the country in a few weeks, so this is one of our last hurrahs together. I don't have many friends so Trace moving so far away has been a horrible pill to swallow. I tried not to think about it last night but you know, big stuff like that is always there in the back of your head, ready to needle you.
Anyway, before I get sniffly here... the concert was fabulous. In other news, I spent most of my lunch break outside carving the final reduction of a new greyhound woodcut that I've been afraid to post "in progress" pictures of, in fear of ruining it and then having to announce my ruin publicly. I'll put it through the press tonight though so let's hope for the best. And I have 3 other woodcuts in the planning stages, all due to be entered in shows BY JULY 13. Pressure, anyone?
Lunch break is officially over. Today's office work: an alum event mailing to get out, and then labelling/packing/mailing all the class photos taken at our big alum reunion a few weeks ago. Plus a gazillion emails to answer and lists to download off the college database. I generally enjoy work, but getting everything done in a four-day week (we've been furloughed Fridays) has been a bit hard!

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