Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our New Tent!

Gosh darn it, I just did a long post about our hike at the Erie Canal this weekend but Blogger had a hiccup and lost it all. I'm too tired to repost, so this will have to do....

.... our new tent! It is a Coleman Sundome and sleeps 6 people (that should fit me, Cliff, Lucy and all our gear right?). At Iowa Greyhound's suggestion I looked into Eureka, but a 6 person Eureka tent would have cost $400-500. So we went with Coleman (this one was on sale for $99 at Bass Pro) and a nice tub of Seam Seal, LOL.

As soon as I put the tent up (our "dry run" in the backyard)... Lucy went in and promptly fell asleep. Apparently it gets 2 paws up!

Tomorrow we leave for our first camping trip of the season. I am sooo excited, even though it is supposed to rain the whole time. :o( But I have lots of books, art supplies, and we practically have a MANSION now (our last tent could barely fit us... this one would fit 2 queen size mattresses, a cot, and I can stand up on the inside! Woot! Rain all you want, I'll have fun anyway!). The Scion is packed (and fitted with its new Thule Roof Rack!), everything is ready except the cooler, and we will be leaving first thing in the morning. The drive to Fish Creek in the Northern Adirondack Mountains is about 4 1/2 hours and so it'll be 5 for us the way I drive (and all our pee stops). We'll be joining my parents and two of their 3 pugs, Amos and Alice. It will be so fun to hang out with them for 4 days. I'm so lucky, I have two of the best parents in the world!

I cleaned the lenses of my camera and am going to take a gazillion pictures, so stay tuned. CANNOT WAIT!


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