Monday, June 22, 2009

Northward, Ho-!

We are finally back from our 4-day camping trip to the Northwest Lakes region of the Adirondack Mountains. Suffice to say, it was fun but RAINY. I mean, it poured or threatened to pour the whole time (except the drive up, and for a few hours on Saturday). Oh well. Good weather and camping very rarely mix (especially if you tent camp, then the odds are especially against you).

I bought a Thule Aero400 (4000?)XT Aero roof rack for the Scion. All the reviews said it was easy to install but I couldn't do it, and my Dad who knows how to do everything barely could either. It was a majorly huge PITA and if I had to do it again, I would have gotten the roof rack option when I first purchased the car and had the dealership put it on. Anyway, Dad and I finally got it installed and Dad lent me some of his Army sacks so I didn't get to buy one of those sleek, swanky top-load boxes. I saved a couple hundred bucks but we looked like a poor version of the Clampetts going down the highway, LOL.

The route we took was up Rt. 81 to Watertown, and then east on Rt. 3. I wanted to check out the campground at Cranberry Lake (on Rt. 3 in the ADK's) but forgot. I had this awesome book on tape (er, CD)- "Play Dead", a mystery by David Rosenfelt. I'm not usually a Book on Tape fan for several reasons, but this one was enthralling and the narrator had a voice that fit the main character. It involved a rescued Golden Retriever and lots of shooting, dead people, etc (you know, regular mystery stuff). Kept me rivetted on the 5 hour trip up.

Wild ires all over the roadsides:

A bog off of the Raquette River, off Gull Pond Road. Not sure what mountain is in the background:

The pups and I stopped to hike Moore's Trail in Wanankena as our main potty break on the drive up. This trail winds along the Oswegatchie River which I think is one of the longest rivers in the ADKs? It was absolutely beautiful, but when the dogs tried to go in and cool off, they slipped on the rocks and fell into the rapids which startled them. They like wading in calm water with sandy shores but rocky bottoms and rapids are a bit too much for their delicate sensibilities. It was a beautiful walk, though. I would consider it an "easy" walk but there were roots and rocks to step over, and Lucy lost steam fast. I don't think we walked more than a quarter mile in all, but it was a good enough potty break. Too bad we couldn't do more, it was so pretty.

A pond near Wanakena. After the Oswegatchie debacle, I stopped off so the dogs could wade in here, where it was calm with a sandy bottom for good footing. Neither were interested. I guess they had cooled off enough.

Ah, our first wildlife siting! A Ruffed Grouse, near the campground headquarters. I quickly pulled over and ran after her with the camera, but didn't see her again. Like the telephone wire seemingly sticking out of her head? If I was good at Photoshop, I would edit that out LOL.

And finally... at the campgrounds!

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